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February 2017 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

There are many reasons for travelling and just as many things to worry about ahead of departure. While some issues, such as bad weather or technical failures are beyond personal control, other concerns can be remedied. Since 1995, Italian airline passengers who favour driving their own vehicles over using public transportation in order to get to the airport have been entrusting their vehicles to ParkinGO for the duration of their trips. At more than 20 locations across Italy – including seaports – the company is providing guarded parking spaces and shuttle services, making sure that passengers don’t have to worry about parking anymore.

The responsible project managers at ParkinGO knew exactly what they wanted from the new video system. Obviously, the entire office and parking area would have to be covered to ensure the safety of all vehicles, but the system would also have to facilitate access control as well as help monitor adherence to traffic rules. All-in-all, the following specifications were made: comprehensive observation of all covered and uncovered parking spaces, camera coverage of entries and exits allowing for a 360-degree view of passing cars, and number plate recognition at the driveways with database storage of the registration data. The latter was particularly important to ParkinGO from an insurance-legal perspective as it would allow them to prove that a specific vehicle was returned to its owner in the exact same state as when it was originally parked.

For securing the outdoor areas of the car park, the project team chose to employ the multifocal sensor system Panomera, a camera technology which was specifically developed for the all-encompassing surveillance of expansive areas. The ParkinGO management was given a preliminary on-site demonstration of the innovative system’s quality and capabilities, which confirmed the initial choice.

In order to capture all vehicles entering or exiting the premises from every angle, both driveways are each equipped with five high-definition dome cameras featuring automatic day/night operation. They provide detailed images in full HD quality. The video system is recorded on two dedicated high performance server appliances.

In addition to handling Dallmeier devices, one of the servers was configured to also record third-party cameras which were installed in selected areas across the site. Using specially developed VideoIP client software, the recordings can be evaluated quickly and easily.

Investing in a video security system requires thorough considerations and careful financial planning. ParkinGO eventually concluded that there were a number of convincing reasons to choose a Dallmeier solution. Three reasons were particularly decisive, namely, the user-friendliness of the systems, the high savings potential of the Panomera with regard to the costs of the technical infrastructure required for security systems as well as the possibility to remotely operate all functions of the system. The remote operation is even possible with only limited bandwidth available. In that case Dallmeier’s proprietary transfer method PRemote-HD is used to transmit video data.

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