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November 2016 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Products

In a recent report from Transparency Market Research, the IP video solutions industry is now one of the fastest growing areas of security, with an annual compound growth rate (ACGR) of 19,1% from 2013 to 2019.

It is commonly known that video analytics provide a large number of benefits with regard to, for instance, activating surveillance cameras when perimeters are breached, or for facial recognition and licence plate reading. However, the sheer extent of their deployment is only now becoming apparent to users.

According to Bertus van Jaarsveld, CEO at MiRO, an area where the industry has seen increasing demand is for people counting in retail environments.

Marco de Ru, CTO at MiRO, uses the VIVOTEK SC8131 stereo counting camera as an example of how the camera seamlessly integrates with VIVOTEK’s VAST CMS to go beyond the traditional security aspects and add business intelligence benefits to the equation.

In addition to using cameras to monitor both employee actions as well as those of customers and suspected criminals, retailers now want ways to leverage their existing security technology to determine shopping trends. By having the correct information at hand, retailers are able to customise the shopping experience to increase footfall and customer expenditure.

VIVOTEK’s SC8131 is armed with VIVOTEK’s 3D Depth Technology, to provide real-time precise people tracking and high accuracy counting up to 98%. The stereo camera generates data information such as people counting, flow path tracking that is applied to in-store layout improvement, promotional evaluation, staff planning, and the control of service times, providing business owners with key metrics to effectively make operating decisions and increase return on investment.

Mounted over store entrances, the dual-lens camera will enable the stereo vision to accurately track the 3D positions of objects moving across its field of view. Adults or children, single individuals or groups, can be distinguished from non-human objects such as shopping carts and baby strollers, thereby providing accurate counting analytics even at the busiest and most congested times.

Furthermore, there is a seamless integration with VCA (video content analysis) reports in VIVOTEK’s VAST, whereby the metadata is displayed in comprehensive graphs and line charts, making the SC8131 ideal for retail analytics.

Using VAST counting analysis, store management can generate different time and date reports. This empowers business owners to improve multi-location operations, security and management. The scheduled export report capability allows retailers to gain insight into their business and seamless counting is enabled by auto-syncing the database after recovering a network connection.

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