Complex wireless surveillance requirements

September 2016 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, IT infrastructure

Dahua Technology provided wireless solutions to provide extensive surveillance coverage for the Durrat Al Bahrain luxury artificial island chain.

Durrat Al Bahrain is a luxury artificial island chain in Bahrain, featuring a total of 15 large islands that hold an 18-hole golf course, marina, restaurants and shops, and over 1000 villas in a 21 km² area. As the area became more popular and drew increasing numbers of tourists, the resort owner needed a high-security surveillance solution that would cover all main areas, including points of access and the holiday villas.

Dahua provided a number of weather-resistant HD network cameras and video transmitters, as well as high-speed, HD DVRs as part of this customised solution.

An important condition while implementing this solution was that since Durrat Al Bahrain is an island chain, traditional wired or simple wireless transmission methods would not suffice to support live video feeds over the large remote area. Instead, a solution was required in order to ensure reliable long-range wireless video transmission throughout the area.

With numerous five-star hotels, a golf course, 12 bridges, and a marina, along with complex land and villa configurations on the crescent-shaped man-made islands, camera setups needed to be versatile, covering a large field of view to guarantee the safety of island tourists and workers while being discreet so as to preserve the luxurious nature of the island’s design. Cameras not only needed to support wireless transmission, but also withstand various outdoor conditions such as rain, storms, and relatively hot summer temperatures.

Wireless video solution

In order to supply high quality wireless video feeds over the entire resort, Dahua employed a comprehensive solution entailing the use of 5.2 GHz WLAN AP wireless HD camera products and long-range 5.8 GHz wireless video transmission devices. High-speed preview and playback digital video recorders (DVR) were also integrated into this solution, allowing workers to view live video feeds in up to 4K resolution, while supporting the recording of video onto high-capacity HDDs.

Multiple 5.8 GHz wireless video transmission devices were installed, ensuring full live HD video transmission. The 3 km to 5 km range of the transmission devices ensures that live HD video feeds from the HD network cameras can be sent throughout the islands, thus cutting down on network infrastructure costs while resolving the issue of high-security coverage in remote areas. Other enhanced features this product offers include:

• Durable design can withstand outdoor temperatures of -30°C to 70°C.

• Wireless transmission range of up to 5 km.

• Up to 300 Mbps transmission speeds.

• Support for anti-lightning interference to radio frequencies of up to 15 kV ESD.

• Auto reboot support.

• 5 GHz mode supports frequencies from 4920 – 6100 MHz.

• 802.1x authentication support, guaranteeing device access security.

• Multi-channel (5M/10M/20M/40M) support, reducing interference and improving signal penetration capabilities.

The main camera used in this project was the 2 MP full HD network IR bullet camera. In order to protect against the weather conditions, namely rain and seawater, Dahua enclosed the connections for each camera in its waterproof junction box. Key features of the 2 MP full HD network IR bullet camera include:

• F1.4 aperture and infrared sensors with 30 m range for optimal low light/night recording.

• 25/30 fps@1080p for high-quality video.

• Micro SD Card slot with support for up to 128 GB of expandable memory.

• 30 – 98 degree angle of view.

Multiple 2 MP vandal-proof IR wedge dome cameras were also installed, which feature:

• H.264 & MJPEG triple-stream encoding, which saves disk space while ensuring quality.

• 5/30 fps@1080p for high-quality video.

• IR sensors with maximum range of 20 m.

• Supports multiple user monitoring.

• Support for tripwire, intrusion, scene change, and face detection Smart Detection methods.

• IK10 vandal resistance rating.

32-channel Super 4 K network video recorders were installed to collect the various HD video feeds sent wirelessly from transmitters. Along with being able to record and playback 4 K video, the recorders also feature:

• Up to 32 channel IP camera input.

• Up to 384 Mbps incoming bandwidth.

• H.264H/H.264/MJPEG compression.

• 8 SATA III ports, with support for up to 48 TB of HDD storage.

• VGA/HDMI display output support.

Other essential products include:

• 16/32ch 1U 16PoE network video recorder.

• 4/8/16ch Tribird 720P-lite compact 1U HDCVI DVR.

• Network speed dome.

• Network mini PTZ dome.

• 8-Port PoE switches.

• 1.3 megapixel HD ultra-smart network pinhole cameras.

• 2 megapixel 1080p vandal-proof IR HDCVI mini dome camera, 1200 series.

• DC power supplies.

• Pole mount brackets.

The results

The wireless network infrastructure used in this solution significantly improved the efficiency in placing surveillance around the islands. As a result of this wireless solution, multiple types of cameras cover the island chain, which send feeds through long-range wireless transmitters to multiple HD DVR recorders. Because the recorders are centralised and less devices and components are required in a wireless setup, the entire system was able to be implemented at a lower cost than other traditional configurations. Durrat Al Bahrain is now much more secure and vacationing tourists are safer.

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