Spike barriers protect Pick ’n Pay

September 2016 Industrial (Industry), Access Control & Identity Management

As part of its strategic plan to increase its central distribution capabilities and capacities, Pick ‘n Pay built a new 46 000 m² warehouse facility at Philippi in the Western Cape. A fine picking area has been added that enables picking and delivering of an additional 7000 products to stores in the Western Cape. This ensures more regular deliveries to and reduced stockholding of, approximately 15% in the company’s stores. Productivity at the Philippi distribution centre has in fact increased by 50% in the last three years.

The inclusion of the latest SAP warehouse system at the distribution centre, together with the fine picking capability has resulted in increased traffic in and out of the facility. “With increased deliveries from third-party suppliers into the distribution centre and the delivery of products destined for Pick ‘n Pay’s Western Cape stores, there is an increased exponential likelihood of security issues,” says Craig Sacks, MD at Turnstar.

Management expressed a concern about the possibility of delivery trucks exiting the premises illegally or erroneously. The solution was the installation of nine 4-metre long Talon spike barriers at various entrance and exit points. The Talon is available in mechanical and automatic versions. Durability and strength are common characteristics of both models and ensure the highest levels of security.

Having earned a reputation in parkades, shopping malls, residential estates, office parks, factories, warehouses and mines, these spike barriers provide the ultimate peace of mind. All tyre spike barrier cabinets are manufactured from powder coated 3Cr12 stainless steel for extended lifespan and aesthetics and for maximised critical protection in coastal areas.

Pick ‘n Pay Philippi distribution centre opted for the automatic version. The Talon tyre spike automatic vehicle barrier is suited to applications that require high volume access. It is available with a recessed or surface mount design. The distribution centre elected to install the recessed version. The barrier has double sided spikes, offering protection for traffic in any direction and the system comes complete with combined logic and loop detector. The electronic interlock safely lowers spikes first and then raises the barrier arm.

The heavy-duty electromechanical mechanism was designed by a team of experienced engineers and the product has been tried and tested over a period exceeding two decades. Two separate motors drive the barrier arms and spikes, resulting in reliable operation, since the need for long linkages is removed. Safety of motorists is ensured through a three-stage interlinked opening process. During opening, the spikes are lowered and the barrier arm is raised, with the traffic light turning to green. When the closing procedure is instituted the traffic light changes to red, the barrier arm descends and the spikes are raised.

For more information contact Turnstar Systems, +27 (0)11 786 1633, craig@turnstar.co.za, www.turnstar.co.za


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