NVRs move away from Windows

May 2016 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, IT infrastructure

IP Video Solutions says that the trend towards dedicated network video recorder (NVR) platforms is continuing. Max de Lorm, director at IPVS, says that this has resulted in a noticeable shift away from the Windows-plus-software approach, which was the traditional video management system (VMS) model.

Max de Lorm, IPVS.
Max de Lorm, IPVS.

“The reality is that today’s NVRs are more reliable, providing adequate storage and offering additional intelligent features such as RAID disks, built-in analytics support and POS integration,” says de Lorm. “They also tend to run on a Linux platform, which offers better performance at a lower price.”

He says that NVRs are better suited to the SME market, whereas corporates with high-end enterprise systems and hundreds of cameras are still using VMSs. These are designed with Windows OS and VMS software and have separate storage in the form of a direct-attached storage system.

De Lorm says the NVR trend will not abate. As demand grows for increasingly higher-resolution cameras, NVRs will support both ultra-high resolutions as well as compression formats like H.265, which is used to reduce bandwidth: “NVRs are also designed to enable integrators to build systems that function across various video formats and camera platforms. Flexibility is critical and an NVR system is designed with that in mind, understanding that integrators need to find the right solution for each implementation.”

While NVRs have been around for some years, they are only now gaining widespread appeal in the video-surveillance industry according to de Lorm. “NVRs definitely enable integrators to find an optimal approach, meeting the client’s need, while keeping the costs reasonable. By using an NVR and its core technology, you are able to find the right solution mix, leading to major benefits for the client and solving security challenges.”

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