Ground-based stationary surveillance system

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With the rise of attacks on infrastructure assets such as gas and oil pipelines, insurgent activity in warzones and national security threats, the need to improve situational awareness and increase protection on military and commercial sites and borders, has steadily grown.

Panoptes Land is a ground-based surveillance system that automatically detects movement and changes in electro-optical (EO) full motion video (FMV) imagery captured by platforms such as stationary vehicles and surveillance towers.

The system processes the real-time video feed from a stationary, panoramic camera. As the camera sweeps the area of observation, Panoptes Land automatically detects moving targets in the camera’s field of view. With subsequent sweeps it can also detect stationary objects that have been added or moved.

Smart enough to ignore environmental effects such as the waving trees, moving cloud shadows and changes in lighting effects, Panoptes Land detects and highlights targets that are effectively invisible to the human observer.

Panoptes Land is an off-the-shelf application that has been part of numerous operational evaluations with the Australian Defence Force and other international border protection organisations.

Panoptes’ capabilities

Real-time operation

Panoptes enables video to be analysed automatically in real-time as well as after action for forensic analysis. Panoptes enhances any sensor with 24/7/365 situational awareness by autonomous and highly effective detection and tracking of targets.

Small object detection

Panoptes detects moving objects, often too small for fatigued human eyes to see. By increasing the probability of detection and reducing the rate of false alarms, it allows the operator to focus on targets more quickly.

Detection tracking

Panoptes displays breadcrumbs indicating where each detected target has previously been in the image area. This gives the operator a visible history of the target’s movements.

Long-range detection

Object detection at great distances (demonstrated up to 4 km distance), depending on hardware.

Wide-area surveillance

360-degree coverage (depending on camera configuration), providing wide-area situational awareness.

Real-time and forensic operation

Real-time processing of high definition (HD) imagery, ability to detect, record, visualise and disseminate targeted information to downstream PED applications.

Geolocation data

Disseminating detection locations to downstream applications including meta data.

Plug and play

Standard Windows, off-the-shelf software with low training cycle.

Panoptes has the power to solve your top intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance challenges by:

• Being able to identify very small and slow-moving targets well beyond the capabilities of a human operator.

• Enabling operators to detect multiple targets in a field of view because Panoptes does the detecting work for them.

• Panoptes’ ability to detect targets down to two pixels in size allows the field of view to be 20 times greater than with a human operator doing the detecting.

• With this increased field of view ISR operations are able to cover exponentially greater ground in the same mission duration, with multiple target detection and no loss of situational awareness by eliminating the soda straw effect.

• Operating in real-time, you increase the usefulness of on-ground reaction units.

• By using Panoptes the information turns into intelligence.

Application areas

Panoptes Land’s capability to detect moving and stationary objects at great distances allows for rapid response to emerging threats. It is particularly effective at managing large areas of ground where wide area persistent surveillance is required to both detect and manage ingress and sensitive areas, both from a security and health and safety perspective. As such it is widely used in:

• Mining operations.

• Key infrastructure including pipelines and downstream processing plants.

• Secure estates.

• Anti-poaching operations.

• Forward operating base (FOB) security.

• Tactical battlefield surveillance.

• Route reconnaissance.

• Overwatch of concealed enemy traffic routes.

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