Skygistics launches Guardian

April 2016 Asset Management, Security Services & Risk Management

Skygistics has released two new workforce management devices to assist companies in monitoring and managing mobile workers, including guards. The new devices, the Guardian 600 and Guardian 700 are small devices, about the size of a matchbox, IP65 rated to ensure they can withstand the rigors of a mobile workforce and come with an internal battery that will last for a day, or two shifts, before needing a recharge.

Skygistics’ Henry Smith explains the new solutions empower management to accurately know where guards are at any time via the management application, and can determine the historic movements or location of guards to prove they were on duty at a specific time. The system is fully automated, meaning there is no administrative work to be done to track the workers while on the job.

For guards on a specified route, the Guardians can report a diversion from the allotted patrol even if the individual strays as little as 10 metres from their assigned route.

The Guardian 700 is more advanced than the 600 as it also includes voice functionality which can be activated in an emergency. For example, if a guard presses the panic alarm, the operators will be notified and a message can be sent to four other cellular numbers. This device is also equipped with an accelerometer that will send an alert if, for example, it detects that a guard has fallen.

SkyQ management platform

The SkyQ management platform provides an accurate overview of an individual guard’s shift, or all the guards operating in a specified location. The system is able to produce a variety of reports, depending on the user’s requirements, covering one or many mobile workers over a shift or longer periods of time.

SkyQ is also available as a mobile app, allowing supervisors to manage their workers while they themselves are on the move. The mobile platform integrates with the smartphone’s navigation system and can be used to direct supervisors or other staff to a location.

Should any user-defined events occur, not only will operators in a control room be notified via SkyQ, but the system can be tasked with sending out e-mails or SMS alerts.

The devices are supplied as a full solution, including hardware, software and SIM cards. The solution is aimed at the security industry, from guarding companies to investigators and even VIP protection teams. For VIP protection, the system can be set to raise an alert if a guard is more than a certain distance away from the person being protected.

Smith adds that the system is easily expandable to cover other industries, such as the health and safety market. The same applies to visitor management functionality.

For more information contact Skygistics, +27 (0)12 682 1607,,

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