Reducing total cost of ownership

March 2016 Retail (Industry), CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

While CCTV surveillance has always been viewed as a traditional and essential security feature in the retail sector to prevent theft and shrinkage, the accelerated rate of technological advancement in surveillance software has transformed traditional CCTV surveillance into one of the most effective overall management tools available on the market today.

“Modern IP (Internet Protocol) video surveillance software provides retailers with new tools and capabilities that not only enhance any potential shrinkage or loss prevention, but improve the overall performance of operations from stock management, to marketing, customer service and staff training,” says Gus Brecher, managing director of Cathexis Africa and group marketing director of Cathexis Technologies.

New applications for traditional surveillance

“Combined with highly effective IP video management surveillance software (VMS) now has the intelligence and integration capabilities that can satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements,” says Brecher. “The VMS features are also driving global retailers to investigate new uses of video surveillance to improve their bottom-line. In addition to loss prevention, IP-surveillance can be used to study consumer behaviour and employee tasking.”

The Cathexis Technologies’ VMS, Cathexis Vision offers a comprehensive and easily scalable and easy-to-use VMS solution. Known for its exceptional integration capabilities and ease-of-use, CathexisVision provides a consistent and reliable user experience.

The ability to scale capacity and performance allows for the support of multiple servers, sites and cameras, allowing your surveillance system to adapt and grow along with the growth of your organisation. An entire chain of stores with multiple installations on multiple sites, for example, could be monitored through one singular solution. “We have major global retailers using our product for their warehouses, premium supermarkets, convenience stores and small petrol filling station stores. In other words, sites that range from anything like 12 cameras up to a thousand,” he adds.

Reducing risk of human error

In a market sector that requires constant observation and scrutiny, CathexisVision software allows for high-quality real-time video analysis that help track footfall, point-of-sale transactions, and ensure that retailers have the ability to proactively prevent crime and other incidents before they arise.

The key strengths behind the success of the CathexisVision suite is its ability to offer speed, efficiency, integration capability, and effective real-time monitoring. The software is dynamic in its potential applications, meaning that retailers of all sizes can take advantage of the advanced surveillance solutions offered by Cathexis.

The fully-integrated control room environment, with tools to enhance the operator experience and improve efficiency, minimises the risk for human error while simultaneously enabling the management of notifications from multiple systems concurrently. Additional off-site monitoring functionality means that users can ensure the safety and security of their premises remotely from any location at any time of the day.

Added benefits

CathexisVision’s retail oriented features include: point of sale integration with in­telligent data mining, electronic article surveillance (EAS) integration, synchronised and bi-directional audio, queue length analysis, traffic direction, goods receiving scanner integrations, and fire and alarm panel integration. These features combine to provide retailers with a highly effective platform from which they can effectively run their business and maximise productivity and turnover.

With a broad range of intelligent features, seamless flexibility and scalability, the Cathexis Video Management Solution and Software Suite meets the most specific industry requirements to provide the most ideal product solution for retailers.

Maximising return on investment

One of the most important objectives for retailers is to maximise return on investment. Cathexis enables retailers to combine the security management requirements with the ability to measure operational efficiencies. With the ability to integrate the Cathexis Video Management system across a wide range of platforms, this highly sophisticated solution becomes exceptionally affordable. Cathexis enables users to add real value across various departments, including: risk control, security, marketing, sales, training and operations.


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