Cathexis secures logistics ­operations

November 2015 Transport (Industry)

Cathexis exhibited its VMS software at the recently held Hi-Tech Security Solutions Security in Warehousing and Transportation breakfast in Durban. Gus Brecher explains that the software has been developed to readily integrate with logistics management systems in a number of ways.

The first point of contact is in a warehouse environment where products or product containers are scanned into the database when they are logged in or out of the warehouse. Video footage pertaining to these transactions provides a visual record against the logged data and is extremely useful in terms of tracing damage to items or their theft.

A number of other warehouse solutions are available, including video analytics on perimeters for integration with either visible light or thermal cameras. The company also has a speed detection analytics solution for forklift trucks and counting algorithms for production lines. Brecher says that the speed detection analytics are particularly useful in preventing accidents and footage can be used in safety training programmes.

Cathexis has partnered with MiX Telematics to provide a complete fleet management system. MiX provides the fleet tracking element and management element in terms of driver behaviour, driving patterns, harsh braking and location of vehicles. Cathexis’ offering is a small mobile DVR with full audio and video which is placed in the truck cab and is activated when an event occurs and uploads the video via a cell network to alert the control room.

The system has proved so popular that the world’s largest logistics company and another sizeable logistics company have adopted it.

Cathexis offerings for the warehousing and logistics industries are able to readily integrate with third party products and assist in making control room environments more efficient by configuring automatic action on events.

For more information contact Cathexis Africa, +27(0)31 240 0800, [email protected],


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