Fibre optic intrusion detection

August 2015 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Future Fibre Technologies (FFT) is a developer and manufacturer of fibre optic perimeter intrusion detection security systems. FFT’s advanced security systems:

• Detect and locate perimeter intrusions.

• Identify third-party interference on oil and gas pipelines.

• Protect sensitive data network communications cables.

With hundreds of installations in more than 55 countries, FFT has established a solid reputation for delivering highly intelligent, reliable, and award winning intrusion detection solutions.

Over the last decade, FFT has developed a number of platform technologies and associated products designed to detect and locate perimeter, pipeline and data network disturbances accurately and efficiently. FFT intrusion detection systems provide enhanced signal processing and event discrimination while offering strong integration capabilities to third-party security platforms. With patented advanced signal processing to minimise nuisance alarms, FFT’s range of highly scalable fibre optic intrusion detection products are suitable for sites of all sizes.

FFT’s intrusion detection systems

• Deliver high reliability with low maintenance.

• Operate over long distances (up to 80 km of sensor cable with a single system).

• Accurately pinpoint the location of an event or intrusion.

• Deliver high probability of detection.

• Offer a low nuisance alarm rate.

• Integrate into third-party physical security information management (PSIM) software and sensors.

• Supported by a network of global offices.

FFT fibre optic solutions

FFT Secure Fence – Fence mounted product that detects and locates intrusions on a variety of fence types. Monitoring up to 80 km of sensing cable and able to locate an intrusion to within 10 m on high quality perimeter fences.

FFT Secure Point – Dual zone-based product sensitive enough to work on almost all fence types. Also suitable for network and buried applications. Zone length of up to 1600 m and the controller can be fence mounted or remotely located up to 10 km from the perimeter. Simplified installation and set-up make the platform suitable for distribution channels, while custom embedded integration capabilities make it suitable for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

FFT AURA SR – Perimeter protection product sensitive enough to work on almost all fence types, as well as covertly buried in the ground for walking intruder detection. Can also be applied to detect intrusions along buried assets such as pipeline and network data cable infrastructure. Protects up to 18 km of fibre per security system and locates a threat to within 6 m.

FFT Secure Link – Data network product that detects and locates attempted illegal data tapping and interference on sensitive communications lines. Provides advanced warning of cable interference with no impact on data throughput, and locates intrusion attempts to within 25 m on the monitored network.

FFT Secure Pipe – Pipeline security product that detects and locates attempted third-party interference and illegal tapping activities on oil and gas pipelines in real-time. Each system can monitor 40 km of fibre and can be networked to cover thousands of kilometres. Provides advanced warning and locates a threat to within 150 m.

FFT AURA LR – Pipeline security product that can monitor up to 40 km of fibre and locates a threat to within 10 m. Detects and locates intrusions and third-party interference on buried pipelines, in real-time, before pipeline damage occurs. Can also be applied to network data cables.

FFT CAMS – FFT Central Alarm Management Software (FFT CAMS) has been developed by FFT to support its product range and is a key component of the company’s fibre optic security detection technology. Designed to display, monitor, and control alarm signals from individual or multiple FFT products on a single site or group of sites, FFT CAMS integrates all site information into a simple to understand Graphical User Interface (GUI).

FFT CAMS provides security staff with multi-lingual alarm monitoring that:

• Displays alarms and controls zones on the site map.

• Interfaces to network management systems and mobile devices.

• Logs alarms and operator responses.

• Delivers advanced client/server architecture with redundancy.

• Provides GPS (Global Position System) intrusion information.

FFT CAMS also allows high-level interfaces to commercial PSIM software, CCTV management systems and is able to control a wide variety of devices and software.

FFT local office in Johannesburg provides FFT’s partners and end users alike with sales operations, technical engineering support, product demonstrations and technical training.

For more information contact Future Fibre Technologies, +27 (0)11 534 8437,

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