RFID in healthcare

August 2015 Healthcare (Industry), Asset Management, EAS, RFID, Products

Taggit offers Active RFID / RTLS technology for the healthcare industry through its partner Hybrid Systems. The solutions include a comprehensive range of infant protection, staff utilisation, medical equipment management and wireless emergency call solutions for healthcare organisations. All equipment is manufactured and supported by Elpas, a Division of Tyco Security Products. Key solutions include the following.

The Asset Tracking Tag is an Active RFID Transmitter that provides accurate, real-time movement monitoring and location tracking of high-value mobile assets that require additional levels of supervision. Housed in a small unobtrusive, commercial grade form factor, the Asset Tracking Tag delivers real-time positioning data so that a host RTLS application or an integrated management platform can track and log the location, movement or status of assets anywhere within campus type environments.

For high security applications the tag features instantaneous removal detection to help guard against unauthorised asset removal from secured building areas.

The tag also includes a user programmable wireless call button, which when pressed transmits the tag’s positioning data that identifies its exact location in the facility or on campus.

The Elpas Staff Duress Call Solution is an Active RFID/RTLS safety, security and visibility solution that enables faster response times during emergencies by instantly identifying the precise location of the specific employee under duress.

Each staff member is provided with an Elpas Active RFID Personnel Badge that features wireless call functionality. In the event they need assistance or are faced with a threatening situation, the individual simply presses their badge’s call-button to discreetly summon help via the Elpas Receiver Network. Applying pre-programmed location based logic, the Elpas Staff Duress Call Solution instantly informs the appropriate responders as to the identity of the staff member needing duress help and the precise sub-room location of the emergency.

BabyMatch is an Elpas RTLS safety, security and visibility solution that helps hospitals prevent baby abductions and unintentional baby mismatching in maternity and neonatal departments. BabyMatch reduces the need to continuously keep an eye on the whereabouts of each baby by automatically tracking the real-time location of infants from the time of delivery to the time of discharge.

Other healthcare solutions include wandering patient protection, and hand hygiene monitoring.

For more information contact Taggit, +27 (0)31 201 8747, craig@taggitsa.co.za, www.taggitsa.co.za

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