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June 2015 Mining (Industry)

One of the world’s largest producers of platinum group metals has worked with Johnson Controls to develop, pilot and implement Johnson Controls’ P2000 X-ray software control integration. The solution will help the mining house to optimise and manage its X-ray machines – a vital part of the security matrix it has put in place at its processing plant to combat losses due to theft.

Johnson Controls’ P2000 X-ray software, built on its globally recognised P2000 access control system, interfaces to the mine’s full body scan X-ray machines, ensuring compliance with Department of Health regulations, while making use of intelligent algorithms to minimise risk and improve process speed and efficiency. The software additionally integrates fully with its existing P2000 access control and CCTV security systems to improve control and pro-actively identify risk.

The mine’s losses to theft were considerable and as such, improving security and control measures, especially at its processing plant, was critical. It also needed to fully comply with the Department of Health safety regulations. The organisation’s X-ray machines are a vital element of its integrated security system, with full body scans allowing it to quickly identify goods that people are trying to smuggle out of the facility. To improve the effectiveness and control of this process, it identified the need for a specialised integrated access control and CCTV solution for its body X-ray machines.

This solution needed to meet the specific needs of the processing plant and ensure that it fully complies with all of the health regulations in terms of radiation dosages. It also needed to be intelligent enough to help assess and minimise the risk. A final essential requirement was for the system to be flexible enough to interface with the existing components of its security system. For example, it needed to integrate with the access control, CCTV surveillance, IP intercoms and perimeter control solutions, to offer a holistic and fully informed view of incidents and allow the company’s teams to pro-actively identify risk.

Johnson Controls, already a preferred systems integrator and partner for integrated security management for the mining house was able to meet these requirements, in designing a solution to fit its technical and operational requirements as well as consideration of its health and safety, and process requirements.

Says Marius Brits of Johnson Controls: “Johnson Controls offered the mining house a turnkey solution. We were able to write customised software that modelled the specifications of its technical engineering team, and were able to offer its in-house design engineering alternatives. In addition, the client could in future rely on local support of the software solution backed by global expertise. We created a solution that filled a clear gap in the mining industry. It allowed us to supply a first fully integrated, access control system, X-ray control system and CCTV system for the industry.”

The P2000 X-Ray software was developed by Johnson Controls’ international and local technical teams in consultation with the client, along with input from subject matter and industry experts over a period of 12 months.

Notes Brits: “The P2000 X-ray software interfaces to the mine’s full body X-ray machines and carries out full-body gender-specific stop-and-search scans, with radiation dosage-control record-keeping that is approved by the Department of Health. An intelligent algorithm ensures that risk is minimised by, among other things, ensuring that the safe radiation dose per person is not exceeded and is evenly spaced over a defined period. In addition, through integration with the client’s security systems (e.g., CCTV, access control and video analytics) the software is able to target potential high-risk incidents, groups or individuals.”

Ongoing testing of the software at the site throughout development was followed by testing and approval by the Department of Health.

The P2000 X-Ray software is modular, facilitating typical search process configurations, taking into account placement of the X-Ray machines, search cubicles and viewing stations for male and female viewers, supervisors and security staff doing physical searches.

“Search processes are governed by regulations and internal policies,” says Brits. “For instance, only a female viewer may assess a scan of a female employee and a male viewer is needed to assess a scan of a male employee. The P2000 X-ray has a number of safeguards and intelligent alerts that facilitate this process, ensuring that the correct staff are present and that no-one is unnecessarily subjected to a scan. This increases the efficiency of the process, introducing greater rigor and limiting wastage.

“We will continue to work with the platinum producer to implement, refine and support the solution. The solution has been industrialised and launched to market, with the purchase of a single software licence per X-ray machine making it available to other sectors. These include prisons and hospitals, and government and military facilities globally. The software will continue to be upgraded and supported by Johnson Controls.”

For more information contact Johnson Controls, +27 (0)11 921 7141, neil.cameron@jci.com, www.johnsoncontrols.com


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