New ANPR software from Milestone

June 2015 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Milestone Systems has announced its XProtect LPR 2015. As an integrated add-on component to the XProtect Smart Client, the 2015 version of XProtect LPR provides customisable match list fields and an extended reporting capability. This not only empowers operators to take the right decisions when granting vehicles access, it also enables easy documentation of recognised vehicles with full details, video thumbnails and licence plate close-ups.

With its new configuration wizard and extensive localised documentation, XProtect LPR 2015 is easier than ever to setup and configure, while ensuring high recognition accuracy with a new snapshot driven tuning process. The 2015 edition of XProtect LPR works with 13 new country-optimised recognition modules and covers an extended geographical area of over 100 countries and states in total.

Actionable and extendable

XProtect LPR 2015 enables customers to automate actions, which reduces the need for manual intervention. Examples of such cost reductions include:

• Controlling gates to facilities automatically.

• Automating toll way/highway gates.

• Identifying cars belonging to VIP customers for petrol stations or shopping malls.

• Sending alerts, if black listed cars are detected.

Using the Milestone Integration Platform SDK the XProtect LPR can be integrated with external systems and applications further extending the usability of the system. Examples of this could be:

• Statistical applications and business intelligence applications.

• Looking up owner information in national vehicle databases for integration with CRM or other relevant systems.

• Managing licence plate lists automatically with information from external systems.

XProtect LPR is fully integrated with the XProtect Smart Client where the licence plate functionality can seamlessly be used with maps, alarm management and other functions in the XProtect Smart Client. A dedicated LPR event log instantly presents detected licence plates and presents the information together with the related camera.

New reporting function

XProtect LPR 2015 can easily document recognised vehicles in an XProtect LPR report that meets user-defined search and filtering criteria. The PDF report includes video thumbnails of the recognised vehicles, close-up of the licence plates, match list information and details about detection time of day.

It uses match lists to group and determine actions for detected licence plates. Examples of such custom lists could be lists of stolen cars, expected visitors or priority customers.

Custom fields in match lists makes it possible to link additional vehicle, driver or owner information to a specific licence plate. This information is automatically presented in the XProtect Smart Client user interface or in reports, whenever the particular licence plate is recognised. The new module also supports wildcards in licence plate list matching, which handles cars with similar licence plate information.

Match lists can be managed via the XProtect Smart Client interface, where operators can add and remove vehicle registration numbers to selected lists, making it easy to ensure that lists are always fully updated.

The new configuration wizard guides the system integrator through the configuration steps and provides recommendations to con­figuration settings and the physical installation. High recognition accuracy is ensured through a new snapshot driven tuning process.

“The new release of XProtect LPR enables us to be agile and react timely to the rising demands in the market for highly automated and integrated LPR-solutions. We see a growing need for automated licence plate recognition in a wide range of application areas,” says Bjørn Eilertsen, VP of the corporate products business unit at Milestone Systems.

For more information contact Milestone Systems, +27 (0)76 811 7495,,


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