A high-definition Mardi Gras

July 2014 Entertainment and Hospitality (Industry)

The Mardi Gras Casino & Resort is located only minutes from picturesque Cross Lanes in Charleston, West Virginia. As the name says, the entire casino runs under the “carnival and Mardi Gras” theme. On over 8000 m² of floor space, passionate gamblers will find everything their hearts desire: over 1200 slot machines, 24 poker tables and 31 gaming tables with blackjack, roulette, craps and more. Those wishing to explore the culinary delights of Charleston can do so without even leaving the casino. From quick snacks between games to luxurious gourmet dinners, the various restaurants and bars have something to offer to suit every taste.

Anyone looking for relaxation after a long, exciting night in the casino can get some rest in the elegant Mardi Gras West Virginia Hotel. 150 deluxe rooms and suites are available to guests. And that’s not all. The Casino-Resort has a very special highlight: a dog racetrack on which several live races with first-class greyhounds take place every week.

In short: a huge facility that has to be reliably monitored to guarantee the guests’ safety at all times.

From planning to full operations

Dallmeier, together with the national systems integrator: North American Video (NAV) were responsible for the planning and installation of the CCTV system. The video system is a modern IP system with high-resolution HD cameras into which the existing analogue fixed and PTZ cameras were integrated. The cameras cover not only the different casino and hotel areas, but also the dog track.

“The high image quality and attention to detail provided by the cameras even in the difficult lighting conditions of the casino area constituted one of our main reasons for selecting Dallmeier products,” explained Chris Batog, surveillance director of Mardi Gras Casino & Resort. Fixed dome cameras and movable PTZ cameras from the Domera series are installed in the casino. Domera is a modular, high-speed PTZ camera system. The high-resolution network cameras with 10x optical zoom and autofocus supply full high-definition video with 30 fps up to 1080p.

The images taken by the surveillance cameras are recorded on several servers of the DMX 2400 Smatrix model, a video IP appliance with as many as 24 video channels and an integrated storage system with up to eight hard disks. The low power input of max. 125 W makes substantial savings in energy costs possible for the casino.

What’s more, the DMX 2400 allows for multicast audio and video streaming through the SeMSy III video management system. SeMSy permits easy handling and management of different video and audio streams and their live presentation and recording at any point in a linked system. With graphic user interfaces into which the site maps of the Mardi Gras Casino & Resort have been integrated, employees can intuitively operate the complete video system.

An additional advantage of the SeMSy system resides in its scalability. It can be expanded as needed and is flexible. For example, additional cameras or monitors can be easily integrated into the network at a later date.

Smooth operation

Since installing the system, the Dallmeier surveillance system has been operating to the satisfaction of the customer. Chris Batog confirms, “Not only was the support during the planning and installation phases exemplary; the after-sales care is fantastic, too. Our contact person is available to answer questions and provide updates at all times.”

For more information contact Dallmeier Southern Africa Office, +49 941 8700 209, dallmeiersa@dallmeier.com, www.dallmeier.com

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