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1 January 2014 Education (Industry)

Using a TOA alarm and communication system you have the ideal protection for students and teachers alike, based on a seamless communication chain in accordance with the safety measures for such protection. This is achieved by communication between classrooms and the principals/administrative offices.

Understanding that other utilities and services are necessary, TOA’s alarm and communication system can interface to existing systems offering additional benefits and advantages for daily communications besides emergencies. Examples thereof include, PA systems, CCTV systems, access control systems and others. This technology, designed for the modern school, is flexible and expandable, thereby ensuring that your investment is future proof.

TOA has developed a safety concept for schools aimed at:

* Risk/emergency incidents that can be broadcast immediately from a central point.

* Permanent communication availability of the called person.

* Conversation to and from the classroom.

* Avoiding false alarms.

* Supporting safety measures that can be initiated immediately.

* Keeping students and teachers informed, thereby protecting them in all emergency situations.

* Easy to use and effective communication.

* Supporting the action plan in all phases of an emergency or amok situation.

* Different configurations and expansion stages of the system allowing for an adaption within economic constraints.

Via substations, installed in each classroom, incidents can be immediately reported to the central operator (and vice versa). The teacher does not have to leave the classroom and his students, in order to report a problem. Thereby valuable time is saved. In case of an absence of the central (security) operator, the calls can be forwarded to the headmaster or administration department. The talkback function enables verification of a situation, allowing for appropriate action to be taken. As a result, false alarms can be avoided. Furthermore, in case of the absence of the operator/security, the calls can be forwarded to a telephone, e.g. an emergency mobile phone number. This is where the TOA safety concept sets new standards by immediate alarm notification, verification of the situation and prompt initiation of appropriate measures.

System features include:

* Group call, all call (and call per classroom).

* Activation of automatic pre-recorded messages.

* Automatic activation of a call or contact (e.g. CCTV).

* Automatic activation via a predefined SPL (sound pressure level).

* Time signal integrated activation - 1024 events divisible in 16 schemes (controlled via master station) - e.g. school bell.

* Five pre-installed time signals.

* Network-compatible units.

* Decentralised configuration and assembling is possible.

* Linking-up different schools via Internet.

* Wide range of intercom stations, (indoor, outdoor, vandal proof, door/gate and master-stations).

* High speech quality.

* Remote door activation (access control of entrances/gates in conjunction with CCTV integration).

* Hands-free, even at long distances from the master/substations is possible.

* Line monitoring in case of 2-wire and IP-stations.

* Recording option in regard to conversations and announcements.

* Server-less system, therefore high safeguarding against failure.

* Optional emergency power supply.

* Future investment: the system is flexible and expandable, allowing for future expansion.

* Call for external help, e.g. police, fire department and ambulance.

* Internal assistance, informing concerned individuals, up-to-date information regarding behaviour.

* Sending assistance promptly.

* Call logging.

The TOA N-8000 system is a partner for one of our approved and certified EN54 voice alarm systems, VM-3000, VX-2000, SX-2000) that will allow simple and easy interface between the two units giving ultimate protection and safety with additional benefits such as public address and pre-recorded announcements, plus much more.

For more information contact TOA Electronics Southern Africa,, or contact Ralph Singer, +27 (0)83 630 3066, [email protected].


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