Johnson Controls’ P2000 and Metasys systems

February 2014 Integrated Solutions

Today, integration of security, lighting, air conditioning, and other solutions to maximise business benefits is proven. In practice, however, it’s ‘courses for horses’. What gets integrated depends on the core business and priorities of the organisation.

“The business case must be clear,” says Neil Cameron, area general manager of Johnson Controls Building Efficiency Africa, “but users also need to select the integration platform carefully as the power, flexibility and capability of the integration platform is often the determining factor in terms of the immediate and future value that can be derived.”

Globally, Johnson Controls’ P2000 security management system, its primary platform for integration and management of security and related building systems, is installed at over 50 000 sites. In South Africa, the P2000 has found a home in a number of multi-facetted environments, such as airports, the mining and education sectors where safety, environmental control, critical assets to protect and are compelled to meet stringent regulatory and governance requirements. The P2000 is adaptable to small and large applications, and is geared to leverage current and future technologies.

The P2000’s open system technology uses IT network infrastructure and integrates multiple systems and devices, including intrusion detection, video surveillance, enterprise IT (eg, SAP, Oracle, VIP), access control, fire control, intercoms, elevators and building management, and can plug-and-play with equipment from dozens of manufacturers. It uses BACnet and IP connectivity to integrate to third-party building management systems but offers high levels of functionality when paired with Johnson Controls’ Metasys building management system.


* Manufacturer/brand name: Johnson Controls P2000 security management system.

* Distributor: Johnson Controls.

* Supplier: Johnson Controls.

* Technology: Johnson Controls P2000 is a security management system using IT network infrastructure. It facilitates the integration of multiple third-party systems and devices, including:

- CCTV systems: Pelco, Verint, Genetec, Honeywell, DVN 5000, Milestone XProtect solutions, Nice Pro/Alto/Vsat solutions, Bosch, On-Net Surveillance Systems’ Ocularis, and Panasonic’s WJ-ND300/400.

- Access control – IP reader/controller integration: Mercury controllers (that are currently popular with many top end access control systems), Assa Abloy, Sargent and Corbin Russwin door locks, HID Edge, Stanley Omnilock, PowerNet (Powered by ISONAS), and IR Schlage.

- Intrusion detection: AVI Technology and Aritech ATS.

- Fire detection: Notifier, Zylon and Simplex.

- Building management systems: Johnson Controls’ Metasys is most synergistic, but P2000 uses BACnet and IP connectivity for integration to third-party systems.

- Lighting systems: KNX and Dali-based systems.

- Enterprise IT systems: SAP, Oracle and VIP.

- Related systems: elevators, intercoms and X-ray equipment.

* Application: The P2000 will facilitate the following:

- Access control.

- Surveillance and intrusion detection.

- Time and attendance.

- Environmental control – lighting, air ­conditioning and chillers.

- Fire alarms.

* Integration support offered by supplier: Johnson Controls works directly with the client to identify requirements and build a business case for integration of systems. It designs and builds drivers using third-party APIs, writing the software and doing the integration before handing over a functional system. It will continue to support, maintain and update the system as required.


Johnson Controls’ P2000 is adaptable to small and large applications, and leverages current and future technologies. The following examples of its application illustrate its flexibility:

* Transport. For the Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA), an intelligent building system has been implemented. Data sharing and energy conservation were primary drivers for integration of ACSA’s various systems. Using Johnson Controls’ Metasys BMS to interface to international flight data and local flight and facility data, information flow has been optimised to drive energy savings, productivity and service delivery gains. For example, data about estimated times of arrival of flights, passenger numbers and terminals allocated for their use will prompt lighting, air conditioning, access control, fire and CCTV systems to switch to the optimal operations mode, then close down again when the terminal is cleared. Similarly, interfaces to the maintenance, fuelling and air bridge systems facilitate smoother operations and processing. For this solution, integration between the Metasys BMS and more than a dozen systems – including Siemens PLC, PM800, Omrom PLC, M&G circuit breakers, Ziton and other systems – was done.

* Mining. At large mining companies in South Africa, Johnson Controls’ P2000 Access Control and Metasys BMS has been implemented, integrating CCTV, fire, evacuation, alarming, stop and search, X-ray machines to help meet critical security, operations, and safety requirements and regulations.

* Education. In the education sector, Johnson Controls’ P2000 Access Control and Metasys BMS integrate CCTV, fire, evacuation, alarming, intrusion detection and more to keep students in a private, residence-based academy safe from external and potential internal threats.

Johnson Controls Systems & Service Africa make use of a strong local team, supported by international skills and best practices to integrate third-party products to the P2000 and Metasys BMS. In South Africa, Johnson Controls has more than 2200 staff. It has a strong technical team in place nationally to assist clients and support its implementation partners, termed Accredited Building Security Specialists (ABSS).

Johnson Controls has offices in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Contact Neil Cameron on 27 (0)11 921 7141,,


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