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November 2013 IT infrastructure, Products

Bosch Security Systems has announced the DCN multimedia, a new conference system that utilises IP-based OMNEO media networking architecture and user-friendly touch-screen conference devices for participants using a version of the Android operating system.

The company is now extending its successful portfolio with the introduction of the DCN multimedia conference system. It combines audio, video, meeting content and touch-screen technology in ergonomically designed conference devices. The high-resolution, capacitive touch-screens provide users with the information they need, literally at their fingertips, allowing participants to share documents, retrieve and display presentations, as well as access to the Internet.

With the DCN multimedia system, voices sound completely natural thanks to the high-directive technology in the unobtrusive microphone, and due to the built-in, two-way loudspeaker system. Advanced audio settings allow for optimised room equalisation, while integrated intelligent Acoustic Feedback Suppression supports higher volumes with maximum speech intelligibility.

As an IP-based system built on the OMNEO media networking architecture, DCN multimedia makes use of fully standardised network technology for ease of integration, cost-effective installation and simple maintenance. In addition, the system enables easy expansion with OMNEO audio devices and a wide range of audio products supporting Dante technology. Enhanced functionalities can also be added to the multimedia conference devices via software and integrating third party or custom-made apps. Finally, all audio and control data flowing through the system is securely encrypted in accordance with internationally recognised standards.

DCN multimedia is specifically aimed at city and regional councils, as well as for government and corporate boardrooms.

PLENA matrix Digital Sound System

Bosch has also announced the launch of the PLENA matrix Digital Sound System. With audio quality tailored to a wide range of applications – including live music, business music, highly-demanding speech environments and zone announcements – the PLENA matrix system delivers full-featured digital audio control, with a maximum of flexibility and reliability. As a result, applications such as gyms, small hotels, restaurants, bars, business centres, retail stores and schools can now experience professional audio with an extremely cost-effective and easy-to-install platform.

The new system includes an intuitive graphical user interface, a DSP processor, two types of 4-channel class D amplifiers, a call station and a wall panel. Up to eight zones can easily be addressed with different announcements, music or live speech, and can be controlled wirelessly via an iPad, iPod or iPhone.

PLENA matrix is characterised by a number of features supporting ease of operation and cutting-edge performance. The main benefits include a single-cable approach to enable efficient and quick system setup. The ‘Amp link’ feature and daisy chaining of call stations and wall panels reduce installation costs.

Further, a wireless control via the iOS app on an iPad, iPod or iPhone is integrated for both the DSP processor and amplifiers. The user needs to simply select a particular zone or channel to adjust the mix levels and master volume. The app provides freedom of movement for the operator and flexibility when choosing operating panel location during installation.

Another benefit is the PC software graphic user interface that is designed around the needs of the installer and end-user. The software allows for the easy upload of pre-stored scene settings and can also be password protected.

Also, environmental aspects have been paid respect to. Bosch motion detectors enhance amplifiers with a smart ‘Auto-Standby’ mode when zones are inactive. This reduces both power consumption and operating expenses while increasing amplifier life.

For more information contact Bosch Security Systems - South Africa & Sub-Sahara Africa, +27 (0)11 651 9813,  jaco.liebetrau@za.bosch.com, www.boschsecurity.co.za


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