Tough surveillance in the Arctic

June 2013 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Axis Communications has released video footage from a recent Arctic expedition, testing the true strength of its cameras. Strong winds, rain, icy cold and constant movement. That was the life for an Axis’ network camera while working as a lookout when the sailboat Belzebub II crossed M’Clure strait in the Canadian Arctic to become the first sailboat ever to achieve this feat.

The expedition team, consisting of Edvin Buregren, Nicolas Peissel and Morgan Peissel, was the first to sail the route from Greenland to Alaska, a route previously only been broken by an icebreaker. The equipment included an AXIS Q6034-E Network Camera, which was mounted in the top of the mast, for documentation and navigation, see the YouTube video at*axisarctic.

“When sailing through ice you need someone sitting in the masthead with a bird’s eye view. It is the worst place you can be when you sail, weather, wind and movement is much worse up there than down on the deck”, said Edvin Buregren, one of the international expedition team members of Belzebub II. “We had a WIFI network onboard that the camera was connected to. It meant we could control the camera and look around in 360 degrees without even turning our heads. It is an invaluable asset when sailing in difficult waters and harsh weather.”

The expedition was made to be a visual example of the declining polar ice. “The Arctic is melting at an alarming rate and is clear proof of our disharmony with the planet. By sailing this newly opened route we hope that our expedition will play a small part in bringing further attention to climate change and contributing to a larger shift in attitudes,” said Buregren.

For Axis the sailing expedition is proof that AXIS Q6034-E withstands very heavy use. “Axis outdoor video solutions are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and to provide reliable surveillance at all times. That the network camera copes in extreme cold we already know. The same model has been up to 35 000 metres high by a stratospheric balloon where it is much colder than it can get on the ground (see video at*axis35km). But the expedition through the Northwest Passage in particular shows the camera is capable of being subjected to tremors, vibrations, humidity and temperature changes for several months, which is very satisfying,” said Roy Alves, country manager, Axis Communications.


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