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June 2013 Integrated Solutions

Gallagher has announced the launch of Command Centre v7.10, the latest Gallagher software release. The new version includes significant new features and builds on the capabilities of Command Centre Premier.

In v7.10, cardholder and activity reporting is introduced in Command Centre Premier providing new levels of flexibility. Reports can be scheduled to generate automatically in response to an alarm and re-usable reports can be created in minutes using filters that are powerful yet simple to configure.

The touch-screen Visitor Management Kiosk makes its début in v7.10 and allows guests to self-register their visit, eliminating the need for front-line staff. The Kiosk is integrated with Command Centre and can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of requirements ensuring that you have maximum control over your site. The system will manage both arrival and departure processes, including the ability to access and update visit details and issue visitor cards/badges. On completion of sign-in, you can automatically be notified of a guest’s arrival via e-mail or SMS.

Additional new features include:

* Multi-server event aggregation – which protects your business, enabling events to be sent to an alternate server where they can be used for global cardholder and site activity reporting.

* URL tile – permitting operators to access information on the Internet, intranet or LAN within the Command Centre.

* Premier viewers. This allows a centralised view of external information to occur alongside key information controlled by Command Centre.

* Tag Board tile – allowing operators to actively monitor the cardholders within a zone in real-time on either local or remote site as they enter or leave an area. It has a number of potential safety applications; for example ensuring blast zones in a mine have been cleared before blasting.

The v7.10 release includes a number of additional enhancements and has been developed to deliver maximum return on investment for your business.

Alarms management

Gallagher Command Centre provides flexible configuration options for alarms management. Its Command Centre alarm configuration allows system administrators to define events that require urgent operator intervention as alarms, for example, a door being left open, an intruder alarm sounding or a device being tampered with.

The alarm viewers are custom designed to present all the information an operator needs to manage an alarm in one screen and Command Centre hosts various options that provide easier cross-coverage of operator workloads.

Intruder alarm monitoring and control

The Gallagher system integrates full intruder alarm functionality, eliminating the need for a separate intruder alarm system. Intruder detection zones can be configured to report four different states: arm; disarm and two further states named by the user.

Entry and exit delays can be defined for each zone giving cardholder’s time to enter and leave when changing the state of the alarm zone.

The Gallagher solution extends the boundaries of security management and integrates seamlessly with a multitude of systems including perimeter security, video, intercom and elevator.

Morpho biometric reader integration

High-level integration between the Gallagher and Morpho fingerprint readers provides an integrated biometric access control solution. The Gallagher and Morpho integration provides seamless fingerprint enrolment and template management from within the Gallagher user interface with only the relevant fingerprint templates sent to each reader, saving database space and cost.

Photo ID and encoding

Photo ID and Encoding provides the ability to design and produce encoded and/or photo identification cards for cardholders. The Gallagher system provides an extensive range of options for formatting card layouts, including creating backgrounds, importing images and logos and adding and formatting text, using industry standard Microsoft Windows layout.

Visitor management

Managing visitor access is historically time-consuming, costly and error-prone, potentially compromising security. Receptionists who are reliant on logbook-based visitor management systems can become overloaded and miss vital steps when receiving a sudden influx of visitors. And while many computer-based visitor management systems have automated most tasks, their inability to integrate with a site’s existing security management system leaves potential security gaps.


The extensive configurability of the Gallagher system means that event notifications can be tailored to your business’s needs. The Gallagher Notifications feature enables sending e-mail or text messages to cardholders about events and alarms, as well as the imminent expiry of their cards or competencies.

Individuals can subscribe to particular events of interest and schedule timings for notifications. Commonly used reports can also be automatically generated on a recurring schedule and e-mailed.

Guard tours

Guard Tours enables the configuration, live operation and reporting of guard tours implemented on site. This feature enables the configuration and operation of one or more tours in the Gallagher security system by the monitoring of the guard’s arrival at designated checkpoints in a set order and within specified times. Each tour can be identified with a unique name and operators can stop and start tours from any checkpoint.

Configure customised responses to selected cardholders or access groups within Command Centre. Personalised actions are individually programmed responses that are configured for individual cardholders or an access group – such as switching on lighting or air-conditioning in a specified zone. These responses are initiated on a cardholder’s ‘access granted’ or ‘access granted and taken’ event, with up to 250 individual cardholders or access groups able to be defined for each access zone.

All authentication methods to identify the cardholder are supported, including, for example, PIN only access events and those from third-party systems integrated via the controller API.


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