The Nedap uPass

May 2013 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

Vehicle control has long been a headache for businesses large and small. The challenge is multi-faceted, how to facilitate the smooth passage of vehicles on and off business premises quickly and effectively while in no way compromising on security.

Traditional tag-to-reader systems have their limitations. While they can be configured to grant access to employees, the only way of dealing with visitors is to dedicate a separate lane to them. Other systems also have their shortcomings. Some require the reader to be fitted into the tarmac or paving so that it can read the ring tags attached to the under-carriages of vehicles.

The Nedap uPass operates much as a conventional access control reader, it offers a read range unmatched in the industry. This is the result of its long-range, passive ultra high frequency (UHF) card, which, when placed in the direct line of sight, can be identified up to 4 metres away, thereby allowing for hands-free access for approved users.

It is also compatible with Impro access control systems. Nedap’s portfolio contains a variety of combi cards designed to combine UHF with conventional card technologies. When connected to the Impro controllers, they will search the database for matches to the embedded codes on the tags. On finding a match, the combi card will grant access to the driver without him having to open his window and present his tag to the reader.

The access control reader contains a patented antenna design, which is integrated in a compact, slim-line enclosure, making it ideal for mounting at a height of about 1,5 metres. The readers, which are IP65 rated, can be used outdoors as well as for indoor applications that require hands-free access.

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