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February 2013 Security Services & Risk Management

Instacom, a South African-based telecommunications company and Mobile Tornado partner has launched its latest product, the Toughshield, an all-in-one guard monitoring, management and communication ­solution tailored to fit the needs of security companies in Africa.

The Toughshield offers Push-to-Talk communication technology. In comparison to modern trunking, digital and two way radios, the Toughshield functions using mobile networks which allows for incomparable stability, high durability and international coverage. The technological advancement in the device allows users to instantly communicate to one or many receivers in a secure group, anywhere in the world, at a single push of button.

It uses Near Field Communication (NFC) that allows the device to easily scan reprogrammable recognition tags as well as 1D and 2D barcodes. In the security industry, this technology becomes useful when tags or barcodes are strategically placed in predetermined locations, allowing staff to be monitored in the most effective way.

Capable of reporting complex incidents, the Toughshield uses free text message, pictures and sound clips to perfectly explain any situation to the right recipient at the right time, instantly. Working in a bustling industry like security, various programmable instances can be loaded to the device improving the functionality and efficiency of any user and thus taking customer service to the next level.

Increasingly, companies are considering the benefits of investing in innovative ways to improve everyday workflow efficiency. The security industry is growing rapidly with more than 8800 security businesses in South Africa. With increasing competitive pressures companies are inclined to think critically about improving operational practices and providing the highest quality customer service.

Nellis Basson, director of Instacom, said, “Until now, we have provided our customers with a range of Push-to-Talk and tracking systems, but the new Toughshield will take this offering to a new level. This device means that we can provide our customers with exceptional service and offer them the latest communication solutions.”

For more information contact Instacom, +27 (0)87 941 2624,,

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