ONVIF compliant surveillance software

August 2012 CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

Designed to meet the need for high performance network video surveillance systems that combine versatility and scalability with full HD image quality, the new Vectis HX NVS software package from Security Products from Siemens allows monitoring and recording of images from up to 64 IP cameras per installed network system.

For Siemens IP cameras, this innovative software also provides full remote control facilities, including PTZ control and, in addition, ONVIF support allows the connection of third-party cameras that are compliant with this widely used open standard.

Scalable from a single camera to a complete single or multi-site installation, Vectis HX NVS software runs on a standard industrialised PC. It uses the latest H.264 video compression technology to deliver high-quality images while minimising disk storage requirements, and to provide optimised streaming of images even over network connections with limited bandwidth. Full HD support provides exceptionally detailed images, which can be readily explored using the software’s digital zoom capabilities.

The powerful search functions provided by Vectis HX NVS make finding specific images a fast and easy task. Searching is possible by time and date, by particular events, by individual cameras, and by reference to the system log. In addition, masks can be defined for filtering images while searching so that only images with activity in a specific area need to be viewed.

As Vectis HX NVS is a pentaplex system, users can simultaneously record and view live images while replaying images that have previously been recorded. Alarm scenarios and responses can also be easily defined, allowing the system to, for example, automatically zoom in on a specific area and increase the recording rate in response to an alarm trigger.

Despite its versatility and advanced capabilities, Vectis HX NVS software is easy to install and use. It provides plug-and-play functionality and is ready for immediate use as soon as the cameras are set up. It also offers a wide range of recording rates and resolution options, allowing its operation to be matched easily to the hardware in use.

For more information contact Siemens South Africa, +27 (0)11 652 2412, keshin.govender@siemens.com, www.siemens.co.za

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