Not for the faint-hearted

July 2012 Integrated Solutions, Retail (Industry)

The South African retail industry is not for the meek or the faint-hearted. Armed robbery, burglary, pilferage, shoplifting, forced entry and internal theft are only some of the challenges facing store owners today.

TeleEye, a supplier of remote visual management systems, has developed a methodology that offers a one-stop solution for security, surveillance and management of these retail outlets.

“Our focus is on the three key retail areas: external risk, internal risk and management. TeleEye’s remote CCTV monitoring and video alarm verification system gives business owners the upper hand in the on-going fight against crime while simultaneously streamlining the management of the store,” explains TeleEye South Africa MD, Philip Smerkovitz.

Many of South Africa’s security and guarding companies make use of TeleEye’s back-end systems to provide visual alarm verification, remote guarding and central monitoring solutions. When an alarm signal is activated via devices such as detectors, sensors, RF tags or panic buttons, the control room is able to assess and monitor a potential threat before deploying response officers. The information gathered from the surveillance equipment may be viewed on any mobile device, including all popular tablets and communicated to response personnel, ensuring their safety on arrival at the site.

The introduction of TeleEye’s GX Series video recording servers, specially designed for real-time HD recording, has resulted in the availability of a comprehensive, end-to-end HD video surveillance solution.

“The TeleEye GX Series sets us apart from many of our competitors thanks to a unique plug-and-play design that enables simple installation and a straightforward set-up process,” remarks Smerkovitz. “CAMLOCK technology ensures that the system is ready to display and record video with auto camera detection and configuration for all of the 16 individual ports. It creates a trouble-free IP setup for users.”

The secure network architecture enhances network stability and performance by separating the video network from the data network. In this way, unauthorised access to the installed cameras can be avoided.

From a retail administrative perspective, TeleEye is able to offer customers a cost effective store management tool that provides 24 hour live management from a remote or on-site location. This means that management is given the ability to control many remote applications from their own video management centre, PC, laptop, mobile phone or mobile device. These control applications include, amongst others, viewing their sites, controlling PTZ cameras and audio, switching on or off lights and allowing doors to be opened.

Remote live monitoring allows management to immediately take remedial action, if necessary, during events such as re-stocking of shelves, window dressing, in-store promotions and other store activities.

TeleEye provides full point of sale integration that incorporates a POS transaction data overlay that eliminates under scanning or substitute scanning, links POS data to video, manages transaction events, and allows for an almost unlimited search facility based on criteria ranging from keywords to invoice numbers.

For more information contact TeleEye (South Africa), +27 (0)11 557 9200,


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