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The mining industry faces very specific, high-impact safety and security issues. Some hazards include operating machinery and processing plants, theft of explosives, equipment, or fuel, and damage to infrastructure.

Scylla has created a comprehensive suite of intelligent solutions to help mines effectively address their myriad risks. Scylla is a real-time physical threat detection solution using AI and computer vision to detect various objects, actions, and behaviour anomalies. Scylla solutions have hardware requirements that are seven times lower than competitors, and integrate with the current mine infrastructure. Scylla modules can also be integrated with existing access control systems to automate responses in case of a high-impact scenario and effective day-to-day operations.

Scylla AI solutions for mining facilities

The functionality available in Scylla’s platform includes the following:

• Intrusion detection and perimeter protection with false alarm filtering. This can detect when someone moves into a restricted area without authorisation, including entering a dangerous area near operating machinery or an area without a proper permit. It can also be used to protect infrastructure and fuel supplies against trespassing and theft.

Scylla’s high-precision AI surveillance technology can effectively filter out up to 99,95% of false alarms, minimising noise fatigue, unnecessary panic and expenses. It can track individuals while in view of the camera, run real-time vehicle or people counting, and report cases of loitering and running in the areas of interest.

• Gun detection – detection of visible handguns, rifles and shotguns within the mine site. Scylla Gun Detection operates effectively in diverse environments, including those with moving backgrounds, high-traffic areas, various viewing angles, and changing conditions. It is compatible with PTZ, mobile, and drone cameras.

• Smoke and fire detection visually detects signs of fire, even outdoors. The Scylla Smoke & Fire Detection system has been developed to effectively address various environmental threats to human life, property and valued assets. The solutions use computer vision and AI to detect a variety of hazardous environments at a distance. That is why the system could be installed indoors and outdoors and detect threats quicker than most conventional sensors.

• Face recognition – accurately recognises faces of any ethnicity, and this can be combined with access control solutions to ensure that only authorised persons can access a secure area (such as equipment stores or explosives areas).

The Scylla Face Recognition watchlist is built on deep learning techniques for higher accuracy and identification speed. Each person entering the camera’s view is tracked and identified multiple times. The results are statistically verified, and the final decision is based on the most reliable output. A face recognition watchlist module can work in unconstrained environments, extreme distances, and various face angles, requiring as little as one good image of a person for accurate real-time identification.

• Slip and fall detection – detects when a person falls over.

Scylla provides a unique security mechanism that is unmatched in its accuracy. It significantly reduces the response time in an emergency, where every second can play a decisive role in saving lives. Additionally, using Scylla significantly reduces security costs and gives a better understanding of blind spots and activities previously not detected by the naked eye. The system seamlessly integrates into the existing security infrastructure without requiring major technical changes and additional costs. Scylla AI is additionally trained to identify weapons on IR images from night-vision-enabled cameras. Lastly, Scylla is powered by Charon, a proprietary AI algorithm which plays the ‘trial by jury’ role and is capable of constant evolution and improvement.

This shortened article was taken from two Scylla white papers:*scy1*scy2

Benefits of the Scylla solution

• Scylla provides a unique security mechanism with no counterparts worldwide. It eliminates the negative effect of human-factor errors and enhances the effectiveness of security personnel.

• Scylla reduces the response time of security units in an emergency. Every second can play a decisive role in saving lives.

• Scylla reduces security costs.

• Scylla seamlessly integrates into the existing security system without requiring technical changes and additional costs.

• AI and machine-learning algorithms work autonomously 24/7 and comprise the engine of the solution suite in the core of each Scylla module.

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