Optimising safety and security in mining

SMART Mining Security Solutions 2024 Mining (Industry)

Mining operations are some of the most critical and hazardous industrial activities, with a range of risks associated with their operations, including theft, trespassing, accidents, and terrorism. To address these risks, access control, and integrated security solutions are critically important in protecting people and assets.

Gallagher Security’s site management platform, Command Centre, offers alarm, access, and perimeter security in one single product, and is designed to seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of systems and hardware, creating a single operating platform to manage security across multiple sites.

Command Centre allows users to manage and store individual competencies and monitor and control staff and contractor movements via specified access permissions and reports generated based on access logs and CCTV footage. Mobile smartphones can be used to spot-check workers onsite and for mobile evacuation procedures.

Cyber secure with Controller 7000

The Controller 7000 (C7000) is capable of managing all localised access control, intruder alarms, perimeter security, business automation, and logic needs for organisations. It offers streamlined upgrades and advanced cybersecurity supported by Command Centre v9.

A 10-times more powerful microprocessor enables the controller to execute access decisions 25-times faster and reduces the time to resync cardholder databases by half, demonstrating power and speed. It can support 2 000 000 standard cardholders and store 1 000 000 offline events if the connection to the server is lost.

The future of integration

Built with extensive adaptability and scalability capabilities, Gallagher solutions are built to protect some of the world’s most critical infrastructure sites and are designed to grow with your business, offering a platform that can be customised to meet your requirements and site-specific needs now and into the future.


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