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Hospitals are the front-line interface between public and private spaces, where people are often at their most vulnerable. Hospitals can see thousands of people gathering daily to provide medical care, seek help, visit loved ones, or undertake essential support or administrative work. Protecting everyone is not only essential to maintaining a safe environment, but it can create a facility that runs smoothly and efficiently, which in turn empowers medical staff to focus on providing the best possible care.

CathexisVision, a fully integrated VMS solution, helps achieve and maintain this positive cycle between safety and operational efficiency without straining the system or resources.

Providing a video monitoring solution for hospitals and other healthcare facilities presents several unique challenges. Health and safety systems must be managed and monitored across multiple buildings, wards, receptions, theatres, perimeters, grounds, public spaces, and parking areas. These must be secured to protect thousands of patients, visitors, and staff. Simultaneously, privacy needs to be maintained, and cybersecurity invasions prevented.

In this challenging and specialised environment, security systems can be utilised to make it easier for managers onsite to handle security incidents and optimise operational efficiency. CathexisVision combines multiple systems and cameras to monitor hospitals and healthcare facilities conveniently and cost-effectively. The solution’s strength is twofold: the software seamlessly integrates with an array of existing systems and puts them in dialogue, and at the same time, CathexisVision enables all resources to be managed centrally from a single, intuitive platform.

CathexisVision’s strength lies in its powerful capacity for integration with third-party products, like access control, intrusion alarms, fire panels, smart sensors, video intercom, EAS tagging, nurse call, and panic systems. It combines a range of sophisticated technology, from management tools to analytics, to empower the creation of an efficient, smart hospital environment.

Securing people and assets

With CathexisVision, operators have a range of dynamic features at their disposal, ranging from assigning customisable user access rights to both people and vehicles, to utilising AI video analytics to perform many automated functions. CathexisVision can detect loitering and abandoned objects or track people, objects, and vehicles. Notifications can be configured to provide fast, real-time alerts so that response teams can react quickly to medical emergencies and incidents such as fire, intrusion, theft, violence, and other threats. This creates a hospital environment that is transparent, easy to monitor, and safe for staff, patients, and visitors.

The platform enables operators to monitor and control assets across various buildings, facilities, and other spaces unique to hospital and healthcare infrastructure. Open public corridors lead to departments such as outpatients, emergency wards, examination areas, surgeries, dispensaries, canteens, cafés, and car parks for staff and visitors. Other areas are off-limits to the public and reserved only for staff. Each of these areas in a hospital facility requires unique, tailored solutions. CathexisVision allows operators to process salient information quickly, make informed decisions and take immediate action.

Hospitals must also keep tabs on a wide range of stock, from medications to surgical equipment and linen. Many resources require monitoring beyond protecting infrastructure and managing human and vehicular traffic. CathexisVision effectively integrates with EAS systems to enable hospitals to keep track of expensive equipment, beds, and drugs that have been tagged. An alarm can be triggered when the item is removed from the building or department, and operators can be presented with video verification immediately via CathexisVision. In addition to automatic notifications, CathexisVision provides powerful review tools so that operators can analyse footage and find the source of an incident, or scan the interactive CathexisVision maps to see the location of an event and associated video footage. This technology can also be used with baby tagging in maternity wards to track any unauthorised movement of babies from the facility.

Optimising operations and operators

By doing the analysis for you, Cathexis’ suite of video monitoring tools reduces the burden on control room operators. It reduces the risk to hospital infrastructure while supporting health and safety by providing a state-of-the-art and intuitive user interface to manage all integrated systems. The system is reliable and stable, maximising up-time and reducing risk, while addressing privacy and cybersecurity compliance on various levels.

While individual hospital sites are complex in their physical and organisational challenges, the nature of the modern hospital networks means that parent healthcare organisations have very distributed networks of assets. CathexisVision Enterprise is the ideal solution for managing such a setup of installations. Enterprise, the premier solution for managing an estate of installations centrally, enables clients to manage thousands of cameras, third-party systems, hardware and user access – all from one location. Being able to manage all sites, wherever you are in the world, means that organisations can maximise ROI and efficiency, helping to forecast capital expenditure and plan ahead. You can also reduce maintenance costs through intelligent repair and maintenance planning and streamline work processes across the organisation.

For more information, contact Cathexis Africa, +27 31 240 0800, info@cathexisvideo.com, www.cathexisvideo.com


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