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Issue 7 2023 Transport (Industry)

The transport and logistics industries (including warehousing and distribution centres across all industries) are critical to every country. In South Africa, these industries are under constant criminal attack from well-financed, armed, trained mafia organisations. The loss of goods is enormous, but so is the loss of assets like trucks and warehouses lost to fire or bombing, not to mention the needless loss of life of employees.

SMART Security Solutions asked Secutel’s GM, Andre Vermeulen, what the company offers to the logistics and transport industries to improve their security posture and protect people and assets.

SMART Security Solutions: What technologies and solutions does Secutel have that can assist the transport and logistics industries improve their security?

Vermeulen: Secutel provides a comprehensive suite of security solutions tailored to address the needs of these specific industries. Among these offerings are mobile DVRs, which offer a dynamic means of monitoring assets in transit, allowing for a real-time incident response and analysis. Additionally, Secutel offers a GPS Tracing Lock, providing precise cargo location information and tamper alerts, bolstering security measures by ensuring immediate awareness of any unauthorised access or tampering.

SMART Security Solutions: How can access control points in warehouses (and other locations) be improved to help improve security, protect the gate guards, and ensure that SOPs are always followed?

Vermeulen: Facial recognition cameras stand out as the most effective solution to enhance security and safeguard personnel in access control points. This system ensures a two-step verification process for user entry, bolstering authentication protocols. In addition, a duress override feature provides an extra layer of protection. Furthermore, Secutel solutions seamlessly integrate with a visual verification alarm system to cover critical zones like safe custody and high-risk offices, enabling immediate reporting to the security control monitoring company through the listener program. This comprehensive approach ensures that security procedures are consistently adhered to, and guards are adequately protected.

SMART Security Solutions: How can security personnel generally be protected and supported by technology while doing their jobs?

Vermeulen: To empower security personnel, a robust video management system (VMS) plays a pivotal role. It effectively filters out superfluous alarms and swiftly escalates relevant alerts triggered by analytics. This can manifest as a discreet notification in the control room or, when warranted, an audible alarm broadcast through horn speakers. This multi-faceted approach ensures that security teams can focus on critical tasks and serves as a powerful deterrent and early warning system.

SMART Security Solutions: Video surveillance has long been used in these industries, from inside warehouses to inside and surrounding vehicles. How are modern analytics and AI improving surveillance, making it more than just a video feed on a screen (or stored to be accessed after an incident)?

Vermeulen: Modern analytics and AI have revolutionised video surveillance, transcending it from a passive feed to an active, intelligent security tool. These advancements now allow for precise tracking of individuals of interest within a facility, enabling real-time notifications if flagged persons or vehicles enter the premises. Moreover, cameras can be configured to detect specific events like smoke or fire and even identify if items have been removed from a designated area. This level of sophistication transforms surveillance into a proactive, highly responsive security measure, greatly enhancing overall safety protocols.

SMART Security Solutions: How can different security solutions be integrated effectively to provide for better management and (if possible) proactive defences?

Vermeulen: Integrating various security solutions is key to achieving comprehensive management and, ideally, proactive defence measures. This involves harmonising the access, fire suppression, and panic systems with the VMS. For instance, rules can be established so that when face recognition, number plate identification, and access credentials align, the gate will automatically grant entry. What truly distinguishes our approach is the seamless fusion of advanced features like smoke screens, double knock systems, and device integration, including multiple listener programs. Additionally, our remote configuration capabilities alleviate users from the technical intricacies, allowing them to focus on strategic response planning.

Secutel takes pride in its partnership with Axxonsoft, delivering diverse cutting-edge solutions that span fire detection, tag and track systems, time-lapse modules, and various other features. All these features are readily accessible within the AXXON ONE platform.


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