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Parking is one of the areas in which technology is playing a significant role today. The idea behind parking solutions is efficiency, making it easier for drivers to find a parking spot without driving up and down for what seems like hours, as well as to offer the company managing the parking area more insight into usage patterns and behaviours, including spotting illegal parkers.

Smart Security Solutions spoke to Milesight to find out more about the company’s surveillance-based parking solutions. (Milesight is represented locally by LD Africa.)

Milesight says that surveillance technologies play a critical role in parking management today, providing benefits both to the companies managing parking areas, and to drivers themselves. Firstly, surveillance technologies, such as cameras and LPR systems, help parking lot operators improve safety and security, reduce crime, and can even help operators facilitate the optimal use of parking spaces – improving profits if the spaces are paid for.

Secondly, the use of surveillance technologies could help drivers by improving their overall parking experience, reducing the time and frustration associated with finding a spot. LPR system could also help simplify payment processes.

“Overall, the benefits of surveillance technologies in parking management extend to both parking operators and drivers, helping to improve efficiency, safety, and security while delivering better customer experiences.”

Milesight offers indoor and outdoor parking solutions, and also supplies IoT sensors as part of its offering. The key features and benefits of each solution are as follows:

• Indoor parking: Licence plate recognition (LPR) cameras for real-time vehicle identification, ultrasonic sensors for occupancy detection and guidance to available spaces, LED indicators for easy-to-follow visual cues, real-time data analysis and reporting, centralised management software for easy configuration and monitoring, and customisable integration with third-party applications.

• Outdoor parking: Milesight’s AI Outdoor Parking Management Pro Bullet Plus camera is designed for outdoor parking management. There are two parking detection modes to match different user needs. One is the Occupancy Detection, which can detect and manage up to 100 parking spaces at the same time. The other is Parking Detection with LPR, which can manage and detect up to four parking spaces with LPR at the same time.

LPR plus analytics

The addition of LPR in the solution enables more accurate control and access management from the gate to the parking spot, improving efficiency. In addition, Milesight supports APls in order to integrate with existing parking system through a smart guidance and a visualised central management platform. The Milesight Entrance & Exit AI LPR camera can also be easily integrated with existing access control systems via the Wiegand protocol.

The company also includes several analytics and AI applications that offer a range of functions. These include:

• Parking violation detection: Real-time capture of vehicles that exceed the set parking time limits.

• Bus lane enforcement: Detection of cars and trucks traveling or parking in bus lanes.

• No-plate vehicle capture: Real-time detection of vehicles without licence plates.

• Traffic flow management: Vehicle counting based on vehicle type.

As mentioned above, to support the integration of Milesight technology into third-party systems, Milesight’s intelligent traffic camera offers various APls and supports interfaces and protocols like Wiegand, TCP/IP, HTTP, MOTT, etc. These integrations permit open integration with third-party VMS or application platforms, allowing users to implement additional solutions such as traffic management, toll collection, and entrance and exit management.


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