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Headline after headline reports billions lost to crime across South Africa’s mines, not to mention the risks and dangers created for employees due to theft damage and threat to life. Senstar offers a wide range of perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) products to help mining and infrastructure sites protect against potential security breaches.

According to Stuart Perry, director at Dark Horse Distribution, Senstar’s fence sensors, motion sensors, and video analytics provide early warning of approaching threats, which is crucial in detecting perimeter breaches.

Highlighting the benefits of Senstar PIDS, Perry says, “Mining and infrastructure sites are often targeted by criminals due to their remote locations, valuable assets and materials on site. That’s why it’s important to have a robust perimeter security solution in place, so you can detect, deter, and respond.”

Additionally, Senstar’s integration into video management systems provides live, real-time monitoring of intrusion attempts, enabling response teams to co-ordinate an effective plan of action. “The systematic deployment of these security mechanisms provides a formidable obstacle to potential intruders,” explains Perry.

Senstar recognises that different sites have different security requirements, which is why it offers a range of products to meet the needs of these varying sites. With multiple modes of detection, designed to sit upon a common operating platform, system designers are able to select the appropriate product set for each area of the site. According to Perry, “Senstar’s best-in-class protection and proven track record combined with their integrated, multi-layered solution ensures the highest level of protection for mining and infrastructure facilities.”

Senstar provides both above ground and below ground monitoring, giving pinpoint accurate alarm notifications of intrusion attempts across both short and long perimeters. Senstar’s FiberPatrol range, for example, is able to protect perimeters, data conduits and pipelines of up to 100 km on a single processor.


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