Smart remote monitoring

Issue 2/3 2023 Financial (Industry)

At a time when businesses need to review their costs, it makes sense to look to technology for an intelligent remote monitoring system that is cost effective, increases efficiency and mitigates risk.

By centralising operations from our national control centres in Midrand and Cape Town, Thorburn Security Solutions, a member of the Tsebo Solutions Group, can provide your business with an on- and off-site artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring platform to automate 24/7 remote surveillance of your premises, as well as alarm monitoring, IOT monitoring, fleet management, and more.

Our fit-for-purpose solutions are customised to provide an end-to-end response to suit the needs of our strategic network partners by offering intelligence gathering, cost savings, 24/7/365 remote audio, video and command capabilities and segregation of duties between on-site and off-site environments.

The benefits

This smart solution, tailored to fit the needs of your business environment without comprising on quality, provides the following benefits:

• Remote monitoring solutions integrated with existing health and safety technology, as well as physical protection that maximises security.

• Increased business intelligence through advanced security data analyses and reporting.

• Reduced operational expenditure .

• Integrated services.

The solutions

Thorburn’s national control centre embraces the best of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to ensure that your security is backed by cutting-edge technology through intelligent remote monitoring, control and command.

By keeping a constant eye on your business, smart surveillance can add an extra layer of protection and help to overcome common business challenges such as:

• The difficulty of monitoring remote or unmanned and unsupervised sites.

• Rising costs.

• Internal theft.

• Shrinkage.

• Integrated facilities management.

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