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Issue 2/3 2023 Surveillance, Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

In a world where the nature of crime is as varied and fast developing as the technology built to detect and prevent it, Cathexis offers a trusted solution to help you keep your site safe. CathexisVision uses smart video analytics and integrated systems to secure your site, providing efficient monitoring solutions and enabling quick responses to perimeter security breaches. CathexisVision’s continually evolving analytics suite offers a range of customable detection and alarm offerings to cover all security events, no matter the market.

CathexisVision makes it easy to monitor an array of camera views and identify incidents in real time. Advanced and reliable video analytics, in combination with CathexisVision’s powerful capacity for integration, means that every step of securing your interests can be done through the system. Customisation and expansive scalability make CathexisVision the perfect option, whether you wish to secure a small single site store or an international multi-site installation.

CathexisVision integrates with a range of third-party systems including leading camera brands, access control, perimeter monitoring, intercoms, alarm panels and more. By linking our video analytics suite with these integrations, you can optimise the security features offered by these systems and control them from one central platform. This not only enables ease of monitoring and consolidated control of resources, but the ability to respond immediately to security incidents as they occur.

The CathexisVision video analytics suite is a monitoring tool that uses the latest artificial intelligence technology and deep learning models to analyse footage. Choose from several algorithms to effectively protect your site. The video analytics suite has many applications, from automated alarm responses to motion in an area, or tracking a person if they cross a line around a perimeter. Triggers can be set for events such as stopping or loitering in an area, as well as entering and exiting an area. Combining these events with a customisable alarm action allows instant notification to be sent to the control room when a trigger is set off, meaning suspicious activity can be addressed immediately. The mobile app allows for site monitoring on the go, further enabling quick reaction times and immediate notification.


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