FleetDomain underpins Afrirent’s value proposition

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Jai Kalyan.

Afrirent has been relying on FleetDomain – part of the Argility Technology Group (ATG) – software for a number of years, to help it deliver outstanding service to a growing number of clients. Afrirent is a 100% female black-owned fleet management company, servicing clients in the public and private sectors.

“Afrirent covers assets ranging from cars to heavy construction vehicles. Information is the lifeblood of Afrirent’s business and ATG’s FleetDomain software has become an integral part of its value proposition,” says Sivile Mbekeni, Senior Contract Manager, Afrirent.

“For our clients, their fleet represents a major investment and is a key part of their business – they want to be sure it is being properly managed to maximise uptime, and that operating costs are kept under a tight rein,” Mbekeni says. “To do this, we collect an enormous amount of data, and FleetDomain provides the powerful analytics to process all that data accurately and then present it in a way that makes it easy for our clients to make the right business decisions.”

FleetDomain is an end-to-end fleet management system offered as a cloud-based service to clients like Afrirent on a subscription model. Its range of functionality covers the full life cycle of fleet management, including rentals, driver management, maintenance, licensing, fines and accident/incident management, stock and workshop plus compliance management. FleetDomain also integrates with Afritracker, Afrirent’s vehicle tracking, monitoring and recovery system, to provide real-time information on vehicles.

Jai Kalyan, Managing Director at FleetDomain, says that for a growing fleet-management company like Afrirent, manual processing of information on thousands of vehicles is simply not viable.

“When you have a few hundred vehicles to manage for clients, it is possible to get the job done using manual systems and spreadsheets, but when you get into the thousands it is just not practical – and your information will certainly be full of errors,” says Kalyan. “For Afrirent, automating the whole information life cycle has been a huge benefit, reducing management time and improving data quality. Once the information is in our system, we can present it in any way that suits Afrirent’s clients via a customised, mobile-friendly dashboard that supports decision-making.”

Afrirent has a broad portfolio customer base that ranges from multinational corporate enterprises to local public sector entities. For example, Argility has worked alongside Afrirent to develop a customised dashboard for one of its biggest clients, the City of Johannesburg. The dashboard allows managers to receive reports that cover key variables important to the city’s massive fleet of vehicles operated by several entities, including City Power and Johannesburg Water.

The business intelligence provided by FleetDomain is used by Afrirent’s account managers to reduce client operating costs, simplify administration, and reduce the risks inherent in running a fleet of vehicles.

In addition, FleetDomain has developed a mobile app that streamlines the onboarding of new vehicles into a fleet. Using the app, an employee can scan the vehicle’s licence disk, which the app then uses to draw down details of the vehicle. This eliminates the need for manual (and error-prone) data capture and can save enormous amounts of time for the owners of large fleets.

“Using information from FleetDomain, we can help our clients manage their fleets much more effectively, maximising uptime and reducing costs without creating a huge administrative burden,” adds Mbekeni. “Afrirent’s tremendous growth has been based on our innovative use of technology to deliver excellent service and build strong client relationships, and ATG’s FleetDomain continues to play a key role in our strategy.”

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