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Issue 1 2023 Education (Industry)

AI is empowering a new generation of advanced, efficient security systems. In the field of education, AI is also facilitating the digital and intelligent upgrading of schools and institutions from foundation phase to universities. AI applications such as smart identification, deep learning and intelligent analysis improve the security levels and management efficiency at the same time. AI-enabled innovative teaching methods can help enhance engagement in both remote and in-person classes, and promote a conducive learning environment for students.

To give you a better understanding of how can schools benefit from utilising advanced technologies like AI, here is a list of some of its campus applications.

1. Prevent unauthorised entry into campus

Campus entrances and exits are areas vulnerable to external threats. A robust entrance/exit access control system is imperative in building the school’s first major line of defence.

For example, installing an AI-enabled access control system can effectively prevent unauthorised entry onto the campus, library, teaching buildings, dormitories and other school premises; the latest data management technology can be used to meet the daily needs of schools and students including attendance, visitor and vehicle tracking.

Likewise, for perimeter protection, the technology behind tripwire and line crossing functions play a vital role in preventing invasions in surrounding areas or unauthorised access to regulated places. When unauthorised personnel and vehicles are detected, the system will send a real-time alarm to notify the control room, reducing security risks on the campus. Machine learning helps reduce false alarms by filtering out irrelevant objects like leaves, branches and even animals.

2. Detect violent actions in real time

Globally, school violence and bullying remains a serious problem. One of the recommended priority actions is to establish reporting systems and improve the collection of data and evidence.

For campus safety, today’s comprehensive security systems have already integrated emergency management features. With the help of an AI sensor, 3D cameras with stereo analysis capabilities that can identify fights, falls and other possible violent behaviours, through deep learning. The school’s security personnel are alerted timeously by a real-time alarm about possible emergencies, such as violence and falls, allowing them to intervene or respond accordingly. A one-button alarm system is also suggested on the campus to provide students with the fastest way to ask for help in case of emergencies.

3. Improve teaching performance and learning outcomes

Normalcy and resource imbalance during the pandemic have prompted developing countries to accelerate the digital transformation of education. With the unprecedented offline-to-online transition of many classrooms, modern electronic whiteboards and blackboards have emerged. The Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard, for instance, provides an array of features including multifunctional writing, wireless projection, conference content sharing, etc., making it an ideal choice for classrooms and meeting rooms where demonstration, information sharing and document management is needed.

Moreover, teachers do not have to worry about students who cannot participate in in-person classes. An intelligent camera with broadcasting function can automatically track and capture a teacher’s lecture through an AI algorithm, with an accuracy of up to 99%. It can integrate with multi-channel video streams to restore the classroom scene, providing an immersive remote learning experience for students in different locations.

Best practices

As AI advances and continues to gain traction in the security industry, it is imperative to carry out best practices in surveillance monitoring. Educating users regarding proper usage of technology and its benefits is strongly encouraged. Additionally, data and privacy protection must also be prioritised at all times. Several central management software and platforms combine data and privacy security functions in order to help protect privacy while monitoring.

Some of the measures implemented are, minimising data and private information, face/body mosaic technology, encryption of network transmission, storage, download, and export. Users also have an option to configure the storage duration of each video channel. These best practices are put into action to help ensure privacy protection and promote responsible monitoring.

Dahua’s smart education solution

Taking video-centric AI as its core, Dahua Technology actively contributes to the modernisation of education and aims to create a safe and pleasant environment for students, teachers and staff. The Dahua Smart Education Solution adopts all the aforementioned technologies with focus on three dimensions: safe campus, smart teaching, and smart examination room. Aside from providing 24/7 complete on-site/off-site monitoring on the campus, we also focus on minimising cheating behaviour in student examinations and on harnessing intelligent teaching and learning platforms for modern digital classrooms.

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