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Tarryn Fortune.

Gallagher Security held an end-of-year function for its partners at the Steyn City Equestrian Centre to end off 2022. Tarryn Fortune hosted the formal part of the proceedings, starting out by introducing local CEO, Mike Foley.

On his part, Foley kept it short, by thanking the company’s partners and staff for another successful year, reminiscing on how the company has grown in South Africa over the years, including during the challenging COVID period.

Foley then handed over to Morne Grobler, who spoke briefly on what we can expect to see coming out of Gallagher’s development team going forward. In brief, Gallagher will be offering clients the solution they want in future, whether it is an on-premises solution, a cloud-based access solution or a combination of both. Gallagher is also focused on making its systems, no matter how the clients want it installed, secure from cyber threats by focusing its development on cybersecurity standards as well as secure development practices.

In announcing the cloud solution we will see the company offering in the near future, Grobler noted that this includes a mobile app designed to make the management process simpler and more convenient, without compromising the security of the whole system. Another focus area is integration, to allow Gallagher products to easily and securely communicate with third-party systems. The company is also focusing on analytics, using access and other data its systems collect to be used in decision-making. Again, without compromising security and privacy standards.

A completely cloud-based solution, which will see no software installed on the client’s premises at all is in the pipeline, but at the time of the event there was no set delivery date.

Gallagher Controller 7000 Single Door.

New products

Grobler also announced the release this year of the Controller 7000 Single Door for single door access control. Different versions of the 7000 will be available, supporting RS-485 or Wiegand, POE+, and even a battery on board for those frequent Eskom blackouts. The new device is compatible with existing sites using the Gallagher Controller 6000 and its security site management software, Command Centre.

Gallagher will also be releasing a new SMB offering that is mobile driven. It will allow users to manage multiple sites from a mobile device with the new Gallagher app installed. This is a cloud-based system that will allow installers to configure systems via the Internet, even before installation. The user version of the app will allow for the arming or disarming of doors at multiple sites, as well as user and door management.

The SMB solution will be sold as a kit that supports 10 doors, 16 inputs and 8 outputs. The basic kit will be expandable with additional kits to support up to 128 inputs and 64 outputs.

Following the new product news, two Gallagher partners who co-sponsored the event, IDEMIA and Milestone Systems, delivered short presentations on their solutions and their long partnership with Gallagher.

Partner awards

The formalities were concluded with Gallagher handing out a number of awards to its partners in recognition of their work with Gallagher over the year, and in many cases, over many years. The awards presented included:

• Longevity Award 2022 – Bidvest Protea Coin.

• Longevity Award 2022 – IDtek Solutions.

• Longevity Award 2022 – Infratech.

• Longevity Award 2022 - ISDL.

• Longevity Award 2022 – Security & Fire Projects.

• Longevity Award 2022 – Servest.

• Longevity Award 2022 – Specialized Video Solutions.

• Best Newcomer 2022 – Procurex.

• Best Newcomer 2022 – Rubis Technical Services.

• Channel Partner of the Year 2022 – Data Connectivity Solutions.

• Channel Partner of the Year 2022 – FS International.

• Strategic Vertical Partner 2022 – ECCO Access Systems.

• Strategic Vertical Partner 2022 – FS Systems.

• Top Technical Resource 2022 – Gerard Everett.

• Top Technical Resource 2022 – Chad Masters.

Once the formal part of the day was over, guests were treated to a lunch that matched the quality one expects of Steyn City.


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