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2022 has been a year full of development and innovation for Dahua. The company has launched various upgrades to its existing product portfolio as well as an artillery of new products and solutions that address specific needs/problems in society.

With key technologies such as AIoT, big data, and software, Dahua solutions enable families and businesses to detect and respond to safety and security risks more quickly, accurately and effectively than ever before. It also provides value beyond security, such as enabling cities, businesses, and other organisations to incorporate the visual data captured by cameras as part of their smart solutions for everything, from alleviating traffic congestion, monitoring parks and wildlife, tracking waste streams, to enhancing sales at retail outlets.

What follows is some of the technological innovation highlights of 2022 and a look into 2023 from Dahua.

Dahua Full-colour

This year, Dahua showcased some of the integrations of Full-colour technology that create more business value for customers and end users:

• Full-colour + TiOC: provides Smart Dual Illuminators, Active Deterrence, and AI. It can effectively warn off intruders with active deterrence, and notify users in time with real-time alarm, providing pro-active video surveillance to properties that require 24/7 security.

• Full-colour + Panoramic: features Dahua Full-colour Dual Lens 180° Panoramic PTs & IPC devices that are equipped with dual sensors that deliver a 180° field of view. It avoids warping and pixel loss using standardised image correction technology and uses pixel-level metadata fusion algorithm to create a seamless 180° wide-angle image.

• Full-colour + ZOOM: offers approx. 5x optical zoom capability and auto-focus function, providing clear colour details of the monitored scene even after zooming in. The camera can also capture clear full-colour image even from far distances with its long-distance illumination capability.

• Full-colour + 4K: adopts 1/1.2-inch image sensors (currently Dahua's best low-light IPC sensor) that provides 110% pixel size increase compared to common 8 MP sensors. Its F1.0 large aperture can capture more light that is available and the maximum light energy that the sensor can receive is doubled.


Dahua has continuously developed additional AI features for WizSense, a series of AI products and solutions that include IPC, PTZ, NVR, and XVR, in order to deliver accurate detection, quick target search, simplified operation and inclusive AI products for customers. This year’s two main upgrades include:

• Quick Pick: a feature that allows searching based on extraction of clothing and vehicle colour, and comparison with those in a database. It significantly narrows down the search results to locate the footage of the target of interest.

• AI Scene Self-Adaption (AI SSA): adopts deep-learning algorithm that can identify various specific scenes (e.g. rain, fog, backlight, low light, flicker), and adjust the image parameters accordingly to ensure the best image quality.


The Dahua WizMind, a full portfolio of solutions composed of project-oriented products, including IPC, NVR, PTZ, XVR, and thermal cameras that adopt deep learning algorithms, has also introduced new upgrades this year:

• Human-based Applications: include the Dahua Panoramic System, designed to capture situational awareness in scenarios that require a 360°, 270° or 180° panoramic view. The Human Metadata 2.0 is equipped with deep learning algorithm that can help operators locate targets more efficiently. It also includes PPE Detection technology that can detect compliance of wearing personal protective equipment in the workplace.

• Vehicle-based Applications: the Parking Space Management technology can detect parking space usage in each area of the parking lot and display parking space status in real time. The Illegal Parking Detection automatically takes snapshots of the detected vehicle and saves its metadata as evidence. The illegal parking PTZ can also send a warning voice audio through its built-in loudspeaker.

• Thermal Imaging Applications: the Industrial Temperature Measurement function uses thermal imaging technology to realise all weather fast, and online temperature measurement. Data reports are automatically stored online, making it easily accessible for users.


2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Dahua’s HDCVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface). Over the past ten years, the HDCVI technology has been leading the analogue technology into the high-definition era. Now, it is leading the over-coax technology into the AI era. Here are four technological highlights of Dahua’s HDCVI.

• AI for all: features Cooper-I series, the industry’s first entry-level AI XVR. Powered by an AI chipset and deep-learning algorithm, all Dahua XVR series are equipped with cost-effective AI capabilities, such as SMD Plus, Perimeter Protection, AI Coding, etc.

• Scheduled AI: allows users to set different AI functions (available in the XVR5000-4KL-I3 series) according to different time periods (up to six times per day). The system will automatically switch to execute each AI task at the corresponding time.

• Smart Dual Illuminators: supports two kinds of supplementary lights: IR and warm light. In Smart Illumination Mode (default mode), the warm light will only turn on when a target is detected. When the target leaves the rule area, the warm light will turn off and the IR light will turn back on.

• Real 5 MP 16:9: a leading technology in the HD-Over-Coax market that solves the image distortion problem caused by previous 5 MP 4:3 cameras. The camera is also equipped with Super Adapt technology that can recognise and adjust to various monitoring environments such as indoor, outdoor, or areas with intense lighting.

Other highlights

• Wireless alarm: features the AirShield Wireless Security System that includes an alarm hub, PIR detector, PIR-Cam, smoke detector, door detector, key fob, repeater, input expander, internal and external siren, and more.

• Thermal outdoor & handheld thermography: includes the Thermal Monocular camera series (M Series), which are handheld cameras tailored for outdoor scenarios such as hiking, wildlife conservation, search and rescue missions, hunting, etc. It also features the Thermal Handheld Thermography Camera, a portable diagnostic instrument for daily inspections of small industrial scenarios.

• PoE 2.0: equipped with practical functionalities such as PoE Watchdog, BT 90W (Red Port), Intelligent PoE and Long Distance PoE Transmission, the PoE 2.0 introduced other intelligent features this year including Green PoE and Perpetual PoE.

• Off-grid Solution: integrates 4G network transmission technology and solar power into an intelligent surveillance system, creating a lightweight monitoring experience for outdoor environments with electricity and network shortages.

Future trends and solutions

Digital-intelligent transformation has become the main theme of the industry today. In the future, with the help of AI, constant updating of intelligent monitoring products will become the main growth point of the security monitoring industry in developed cities around the world.

In fact, the 2023 Trends in Video Surveillance eBook from Eagle Eye Networks mentions that businesses are budgeting for video surveillance platforms that are AI-ready and future-proof. According to a 2022 AI business survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, over 50% of businesses are using AI in some way, with more than 25% reporting widespread AI adoption within their company. The survey indicates that businesses that are not using AI are already aware that new, modern technologies will automate their systems and processes in the future; and they are budgeting for that infrastructure now.

In line with the above-mentioned trend, some of Dahua’s plans and product/solution line-ups for 2023 include:

• Keep up with the latest trends and accelerate the adoption of AI: Dahua is gearing up to introduce the WizMind X & S series in 2023. Further exploration of Full-colour integrations is expected to continue in the upcoming year. The brand new HDCVI 7.0 will also be released, alongside upgrades of other intelligent products such as WizSense and TiOC. What’s more, thermal indoor fire prevention solution and applications of thermal technology in various vertical markets will also be presented this year.

• Vigorously innovate and continue to expand new fields: A number of Dahua’s innovative products will be showcased in 2023. These include display & control devices including LCD monitors, LCD video walls, LCD digital signage, LED displays, and interactive LCD displays for commercial establishments. Also video management platform (VMP), decoders, splicing controllers, and network keyboard for security centres; Dahua Memory, a series of stable and reliable NAND flash products, such as SSD, memory cards, USB flash drives, and more; Dahua transmission devices (including switches, wireless access point, wireless router, etc.); Dahua DeepHub smart interactive whiteboard; and other intelligent products/solutions (including 2-wire hybrid video intercom, intelligent traffic solution and insider series access control solution, etc.).


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