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Hyde Park is a premium residential complex of BI Group, a leading construction holding company in Kazakhstan. This high-end project is located in one of the elite and ecologically safe neighbourhoods of Almaty, combining modern solutions and quality services with elegant British architecture.

In addition to the traditional British mansion features, one of the main attractive qualities of this residential complex is its high level of security, thanks to a range of modern and smart solutions made by Yasar LLP, which includes the intelligent residential solution from Dahua Technology. While bringing high-quality living experience to residents, the Dahua Intelligent Residential Solution provides an interconnected platform for property managers to simplify operations and improve management efficiency in a visual way.

To help Yasar achieve its tasks, which include ensuring the safety of the residents, keeping the property of the apartment owners safe, as well as homeowners’ requests for a visual intercom with visitors, the project must be able to: provide a video intercom system that supports both audio and video, integrate with third-party smart home apps, support IP camera integration and preview, allow several door opening methods, etc.

It required high-performance products with modern video technologies and quality services, which were successfully fulfilled and accomplished by Dahua products and solutions.

Intelligent features in the solution

Based on the client’s requirements, the Dahua team customised a complete solution, including the successful development of a 10-inch Android indoor monitor that supports two-way audio intercom, video recording, remote door opening, messaging features, installation, and access to third-party smart home apps. This indoor monitor offers high brightness, contrast and sound intensity. It can provide a clear display interface even in a strong-light environment, and transmits clear two-way intercom sound despite noise interference.

In addition, the indoor monitor is equipped with dual network cards that can work simultaneously. The wired network card is used to access the video intercom system, while the wireless network card is for third-party smart home systems.

In order to bring modern and high-tech living experience to homeowners, the solution provides flexible door opening options including cards, fingerprint recognition, password, etc., in case they forget to bring their key or access card. Alternatively, they can also open the door remotely using the mobile app or enter via facial recognition.

In the Hyde Park residential area, two different parking areas are provided for residents and their guests. These parking areas are both under round-the-clock monitoring using Dahua ANPR cameras. At the same time, the camera’s real-time recognition algorithm allows vehicles to enter and exit automatically without stopping and waiting, greatly improving traffic efficiency.

Public areas and common spaces are comprehensively protected by a combination of 2 MP IR mini dome network cameras, 2 MP WDR IR mini bullet network cameras, 4 MP IR mini dome network cameras and other equipment. At the same time, the Dahua DSS platform was selected for centralised management, operation and maintenance.

Secure and comfortable living

The Dahua Intelligent Residential Solution provides a highly secured and comfortable community for the Hyde Park residential complex. It has 24/7 uninterrupted video surveillance covering the whole area, including public areas, the playground and lobbies. It enables communication between the residents and security system operators, and provides touchless access control to parking lots and residential buildings, in addition to card, password and a physical lock.

Residents can enjoy a smart and convenient living experience brought by advanced AI technology, make video conversations with guests, call security personnel for help, or manage all smart home control systems remotely.

The Dahua indoor monitor integrates the visual intercom system and smart home system, which simplifies the tedious configuration process and saves input costs for integrators. Security guards at the entrance are not needed to manage entering and exiting vehicles anymore, which saves labour costs, reduces the waiting time, and improves traffic efficiency. Moreover, it assists remote and visual management of properties and improves the services and facilities offered in the residential community.

A video of the case study is available at (easy link:*dahua3).


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