Multi-layered security solution

Issue 7 2022 Residential Estate (Industry)

When it comes to protecting larger premises and sites, and stopping intruders in their tracks, Optex, the world leading detection manufacturer, has got you covered with a combination of technologies to create a multi-layered security solution.


Fibre-optic technology installed on a fence will detect if someone is attempting to climb over, dig under or cut through. Optex Fiber SenSys can be used for fenced perimeters ranging from 50 m to over 100 km, is designed to last in harsh and hazardous environments and can be remotely deployed with no power or communications required in the field.

What really makes our fibre-optic sensors an integral part of any multi-layered security system is their ability to detect the location of an intruder along even the largest of perimeters and give a better chance to stop them before they have even had a chance to enter the site. Optex also has the capabilities of a buried technology, Echo Point. Working the same as the fence- or wall-mounted solution, this technology can detect and locate where an intrusion is occurring.

LiDAR sensors

LiDAR technology creates high-resolution virtual laser walls and planes to protect perimeters, buildings, roofs and assets. Using onboard sensing analytics, Redscan Pro LiDARs can detect and recognise a moving object’s size, speed and distance, pinpoint the exact location of an intruder(s) and enable a fast security response.

The Redscan Pro series is ONVIF compliant and provides high-security protection over large areas, with a range up to 100 m. The sensors also have a built-in camera to assist with configuration and post-event analysis, delivering the ultimate solution and accuracy when it comes to intruder detection. It offers up to eight independent zones which can be adjusted individually to detect different object sizes.

Redwall SIPs

The Redwall Series works in combination with CCTV systems to provide reliable and accurate detection with independent detection zones to locate and track one or several intruders. Part of the wider security system, Redwall SIP sensors can activate security lighting, voice warnings and cameras to deter intruders from going any further.

Compact security radar

Optex can also offer long-range, compact security radars offering early over-the-fence detection from 200 m to 1,5 km and areas up to 380 acres.

Radar is not affected by direct sunlight, fog, mist or dust, and is easily deployed and linked to CCTV and VMS systems. It supports up to 20 possible tracks at a time, with built-in AI at the edge, so vehicles, animals and people can be differentiated.

Scott Wilson, divisional manager for Optex in Africa, says the goal of the company is not simply to provide products but to increase the value delivered to the customer. “Our range of sensors and wireless transmitters can be connected to other hardware and software, enabling more efficient management of the security or facilities. Intruder detectors can be integrated with VMS or PSIM platforms to help improve CCTV operations by triggering alarms and lighting, and tracking individuals and objects across camera views.”

For more information contact Optex, [email protected],

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