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Security is a top priority for small-to-medium-sized business owners, one that cannot go ignored. Specifically, property safety, risk control and loss prevention remain the most critical concerns. In most situations, these business owners purchase and operate security cameras themselves, but most common security cameras are restricted in their range of features and field of view; usually they cannot rotate flexibly except with the installer’s help, which is time-consuming.

This also means limited coverage and the need for several cameras at multiple installation points – and the costs add up. Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras can move to extend their viewing angles and cover larger areas with a single camera, but they are less cost-effective and usually only get installed in more demanding, high-end projects.

Hikvision designed its PT cameras to provide affordable choices for SMBs (like retailers, farms and factories, etc.) and to pave the way to easy installation and reliable security with flexibility and convenience for their businesses. Homeowners can also make use of these affordable cameras for their own security needs.

Powering more effective security

Retail outlets usually offer assorted commodities and see frequent turnover. As a result, theft is a universal concern. Hikvision PT cameras are ideal choices here. Moderately-sized retail store owners can install only one device and stay aware of every corner by adjusting the viewing angle themselves. Supported by Hikvision’s ColorVu technology, these cameras provide high-quality and full-colour video 24/7, offering protection all day and all night.

Store operators can also watch real-time video feeds on their mobile phones when they are away from the store. For example, after a café owner closes up and goes home, he or she can still check specific corners of the shop to see if any electrical appliances or lights were left on, for example. If a convenience store owner who lives on the second floor hears a strange sound at night, he or she can immediately check the live feed on their phone for a break-in and respond as needed.

The mobile app gives users a break from their busy routine to check on store security while away, and at any time.

Covering more with less

Small farms are usually vulnerable to a wide range of risks including trespassing, theft and other concerns related to livestock, which can cause significant losses to production and operations. Effective security measures are needed to protect these valuable assets. However, installing a security system is a large investment for small farms.

Hikvision’s simple PT cameras satisfy small farm owners’ basic security needs. These cameras cover specific areas easily, rotating flexibly through viewing angles around the clock to see into every corner. Applying Hikvision’s AcuSense technology, the PT Series also provides the ability to differentiate humans from vehicles and other moving objects, reducing false alarms for any unusual activities and enabling farm owners to verify real security threats immediately.

Workers in small factories and workshops regularly inspect equipment as a vital process to ensure production efficiency. Reducing employee accidents with machinery is also critical. They must also eliminate other threats including theft, vandalism and trespassing, for a safe environment. Hikvision’s PT cameras allow the manufacturer to get the full scene in sight and focus on the most concerning parts – and at a low cost.

Peace of mind for homeowners

Just as in small businesses, single-family homeowners often encounter security problems related to remotely viewing the conditions around their property. They like to check for intrusions when no one is at home, along with unknown persons in outdoor areas, parking spaces, etc. The ability to see the general environment around the house requires multiple cameras in places such as outdoor parking areas, courtyards, and entrances and exits of the home. However, this increases the hassle of switching among cameras with fixed viewing angles, as well as the costs involved with installing several cameras.

Hikvision’s PT cameras make things easier, covering larger areas and rotating flexibly with their pan-and-tilt capabilities. Through connection with Hikvision’s Hik-Connect app, users can know what’s going on at home in real time through their mobile phone, especially when the only persons at home are elderly or perhaps a child and their babysitter. Such connectivity really gives users more reassurance and peace of mind.


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