Mount Nelson opts for cloud surveillance

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Mount Nelson has long been regarded as one of Cape Town’s top Five Star hotels. It offers the perfect combination of tranquillity and contemporary buzz. This chic oasis of calm has teamed up with a leader in the cloud surveillance industry by implementing a solution to help add value to its business and its patrons.

IOT Revolution Technologies, in partnership with MeyCom, will be implementing over 250 Verkada cameras at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel. Looking to the future and choosing a solution that will grow with them, the Mount Nelson team now have the ability to view and manage their surveillance from anywhere in the world, with access to tier-1, algorithm-driven analytics like face matching, people analytics, heatmaps, people counting and many more, while remaining PoPIA compliant and respectful of their guests’ privacy.

All this will assist the Mount Nelson Hotel to visualise their space as well as gain valuable business intelligence to aid in educated decision making. Taking a ‘going green’ approach, Mount Nelson is able to reduce its total cost of ownership on the surveillance system versus that of a traditionally architected system.

By not having to deploy servers on site, it will be reducing cooling and backup power requirements, reducing the overall power consumption from the grid. Not deploying heavy ICT hardware and turning to the cloud’s supercomputing ability also means future proofing the system by not needing to replace hardware when new analytics are required.

Choosing a solution with less moving parts and a software-first approach means the Mount Nelson will see a massive reduction in maintenance and always be up to date from a firmware, new feature and new analytics perspective.

For more information contact David Arrikum, IoT Revolution Technologies, +27 83 290 7578,,

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