Advances in in-vehicle AI

Issue 6 2022 Logistics (Industry), CCTV, Surveillance & Remote Monitoring, Transport (Industry)

Artificial intelligence has a huge impact on the surveillance landscape, and is adding enormous benefits to customers in terms of providing additional business intelligence and security. It also provides the business with vast amounts of information which is useful to not only improve operations, but also overall security and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, it is obvious that these benefits will be extended to vehicles involved with security and safety, as well as cash in transit (CIT) or courier companies transporting various high-value goods.

Some of the artificial intelligence required includes the following:

• Driver behaviour management – determining the alertness and behaviour of the driver.

• Facial collection and recognition – driver identification and authority.

• Licence plate collection and recognition – this is in terms of surveillance of surrounding vehicles.

• Posture and emotional detection – determining drivers’ and passengers’ physical and emotional state.

Various events could also be triggered based on suspicious or abnormal activities based on pre-defined rules in terms of human detection, posture, proximity or other parameters. These events will be sent directly to a control room where they will be monitored, and footage will be immediately available to prompt timely response and ensure the correct procedures to close off the event.


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