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The Astrel Group is an Italian company with a production site in northern Italy. It has been involved in the electronics sector for more than thirty years, and always with a single aim: to make the smart home a practical reality for everyone.

A smart home is a future-proof home. A home that allows the occupant to keep energy usage under control and manage various devices remotely and simply, by way of an app or a voice command. A home that is safer, greener, more comfortable and technological, and adaptable to your lifestyle.

Rialto Smart Home

The Rialto Smart Home is precisely this: a non-invasive, almost invisible ecosystem of smart functionalities that you can shape around your preferred routine; also, a system that can be integrated seamlessly into any kind of electrical installation without replacing anything. Rialto solutions use the Zigbee protocol, a low-power radio technology which affords practically limitless scope for building wireless mesh networks and flexible systems characterised by maximum interoperability. Last, but not least, installation and configuration procedures are simple. A few Rialto components follow.

The WhiteBox control unit is the heart of the Rialto system and allows users to control all connected Rialto devices. It provides an Ethernet connection to the Wi-Fi router (allowing you to install the system without providing any WLAN password) and Zigbee wireless connection to all the devices in the Rialto line. It can control up to 32 devices and, in the case of complex systems, multiple WhiteBoxes can be used directly from the Rialto Active app, which is downloadable for Apple or Android.

The Ekko products are a range of built-in wireless modules for the transformation of any traditional switch, button or socket into a ‘smart’ one. They are very small and suitable for almost all formats of flush-mounted boxes, even where there is little space. In most cases, users will not be required to make any modifications to the existing house wiring. They are compatible with both switches and push-buttons.

Fandree is another wireless solution for controlling most three-speed or 0-10 V modulated fan coils. Fandree makes it possible to transform the air conditioning systems typical of commercial and office environments into smart systems. Combined individually or in groups with a Rialto Smart Thermostat, it allows you to manage heating and cooling simply and immediately, both from the app and a voice assistant, improving comfort and energy savings.

The company also provides a Smart Plug, a 2-pin socket which also acts as a repeater for all the devices of the Rialto Active network.

Another compelling feature is the integration with 4-noks’ Elios4you, by which the photovoltaic self-consumption systems can be exploited. Cooling, sanitising, dehumidifying and ventilation appliances can be operated automatically and at no cost.

For more information about the Astrel products in the Rialto line and more, go to The Astrel Group is distributed in South Africa by Black Point Tech.


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