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Issue 5 2022 Mining (Industry)

Harsh mining conditions have resulted in the importance of unique security installations. The occurrence of an interruption or failure of production equipment can cause a significant financial loss for mines. However, more important than the profit made in the mines, is the safety of the staff.

AxxonSoft, a solution distributed by LD Africa, takes a holistic approach to assist in running a safe, efficient and effective mining operation. The various AxxonSoft mine solutions can be customised to suit a mine’s unique needs.

Mines can now reduce the number of on-site injuries that occur due to employees violating safety procedures. With the AI video analytics on the AxxonSoft platform, control room personnel can promptly be informed of people who are in a hazardous area, or of people who are not wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE). With this solution, mines will be able to prevent industrial accidents and decrease the number of fines from regulatory authorities. Mines no longer need to go through tedious case processes to resolve incidents because the AxxonSoft software will assist in facilitating quick investigation of violations.

Gone are the days when mines had to struggle to monitor which vehicles were meant to be on-site and which vehicles should not be granted access. With AxxonSoft’s automated access control solution, mines can prevent violations, streamline operations, and record all vehicle entrances and exits. This system works by checking licence plate (LP) numbers which are then compared to the internally created database that controls who can be granted or denied access to the area.

For an extra layer of security, the Matrix biometric hardware can be installed to monitor and control access into certain regions of the mine.


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