Transforming workforce management

Issue 5 2022 Asset Management, EAS, RFID

PRP Solutions (PRP) enables end-to-end digital transformation of the workforce management processes in security companies through its cloud-based, real-time Honeycomb Management Enablement Portal. Honeycomb ensures that throughout this end-to-end process, operations are managed in line with client contract requirements.

Kriya Govender.

Security companies are generally familiar with rostering tools that enable them to plan their operations according to their client contract requirements. However, because these tools are not cloud-based, planning is done centrally, and back-and-forth manual processes are usually in place between the planners and operations, where the actual posting of the guards takes place. Using the Honeycomb Portal offers the following benefits:

• Real-time management information: Management information on labour management efficiency is available in real time and on a predictive basis, rather than days or weeks after payroll has been run.

• End-to-end contract requirements management: PRP’s cloud-based solution connects planners and operations in real time, allowing workforce management processes to be designed around people rather than systems and physical locations. Thus, not only is planning aligned to contractual requirements, but daily operational decisions, like replacing an absent employee with reliever personnel, can be controlled within these requirements.

• Reliever management: As the feasibility of using temporary or casual employees is limited in the security environment, the efficient management of reliever personnel and specialised services staff is key to efficient labour management in a guarding organisation. PRP’s software tools allow reliever personnel pools to be sized and organised appropriately to meet the needs of the operation for planned and unplanned absenteeism. It also makes provision for staffing of ad hoc requirements and events in the most cost-effective way possible. At the same time, the compliance checks in PRP ensure that employees who are dynamically assigned meet the requirements of the contract in terms of the posts (shifts, grades and gender) and also the employee’s certifications, like PSIRA, licences and inductions.

• Employee app: PRP’s Buzz employee app connects security employees to the company. The app is reverse charged, ensuring no data costs are incurred by the employee, and it runs on low-end, entry-level Android phones. Buzz supports various applications such as geo-located time clocking, access to individual rosters, delivery of payslips, and checking of leave balances and applications for leave. It also facilitates individual and bulk communications with employees.

• Task management: Configurable tasks can be assigned to employees using the Honeycomb Portal, and these are completed by the employee on-site via the Buzz app. Checklists are included to provide feedback on completion of the tasks, and ad hoc tasks can be used to report back on unplanned incidents. The app also allows for the uploading of photographs ,and all this functionality is carried out in real time.

• Asset management: Valuable on-site assets can be monitored in real time using an on-site PRP device equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy technology. This has also been successfully deployed on vehicles in the security industry.

Safer and smarter

All of PRP’s software is cloud-based, so it is easy to implement and eliminates any additional system infrastructure costs and requirements. It is also fully integrated with existing HR and payroll systems, providing an end-to-end digital process.

Business intelligence is also a benefit of implementing this solution, which is seen in the management reports produced. “Before introducing our solution, many clients did not have accurate data on the efficiency of their labour management, or whether they were within budget, until after the invoicing period,” says Kriya Govender, CEO, PRP Solutions.

“Our solution incorporates a dashboard that quantifies and reports on every aspect of labour management performance relative to contractual requirements. This data, which is easily available when using PRP’s Honeycomb Portal, assists the business to the extent that it results in increased productivity and efficiencies, ultimately leading to increased profitability, within a relatively short timeframe.”

A service such as the one offered by PRP has the potential to increase guarding labour management efficiency while reducing the cost to company, ensuring compliance with labour regulations, sectoral and client requirements, as well as relieving senior managers of the stress and time involved in executing these tasks manually.

For more information contact PRP Solutions, +27 10 025 2485, [email protected],

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