Identity management in a factory environment

Issue 4 2022 Industrial (Industry)

Industrial sector companies need to go beyond basic physical security systems. Most of these companies combine access control, video surveillance and intrusion systems to have a complete solution for protecting their people and assets, but this is usually not the complete solution.

There are many variables that need to be considered when an industrial company needs systems to be installed and when workers are hard to identify in a factory environment. Thus, identity management becomes a problem for most as equipment can be situated in hazardous and dirty environments.

The security and safety systems chosen must therefore be reliable with an uptime close to 100%. Other challenges are outdoor installations and extremely hot and cold temperatures. This requires system components that function across wide ranges of temperature, humidity, and exposure to foreign matter such as dust, grease etc.

When it comes to putting together the ultimate solution it is best to search the market and find one which is relevant to your operations and ensures everything works optimally. There are companies that make this easier by employing highly trained security specialists who are ready to help them make informed decisions about the product offerings available in today’s rapidly changing security marketplace. Therefore, ensuring that the security manufacturer’s engagement with an industrial company is done early in the planning and development process will help to manage risk, perform critical testing and align with regulations for improved market access and acceptance.

Developing the right security solution is about understanding the products and technologies involved and how they can drive innovation, create efficiencies and transform applications. Biometric innovations make sure systems can work optimally in different environments. Certain devices include technology that can provide exceptional performance, even for dry, wet and rough fingerprints, including live fingerprint detection and IR activation sensors, and are compatible with web-based time management and security software products.

Backed by extensive industry expertise and experience, ZKTeco can customise testing solutions to evaluate new and innovative products, making it easier for industrial companies to obtain a comprehensive and reliable security solution.

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