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Issue 3 2022 Cyber Security, Products

With the country returning to some form of normalcy, an echo of the pandemic remains: the hybrid working model. This trend is spurred on by, among others, escalating fuel prices, that simply make it more affordable to alternate working from home and the office.

However, with the hybrid working model also come challenges, particularly for SMBs. These businesses need to operate safely within the physical and virtual boundaries created by work-from-home business practices, as well as in-office operations. SMBs also struggle with the expertise, manpower and the IT budget needed to address security threats successfully.

Implementing a robust security system is non-negotiable and will give SMBs the peace of mind that while they continue with their daily tasks, threats like malware, phishing, ransomware and more are being dealt with the background.

Decisions, decisions

There is no doubt the market is currently flooded with security options that promise the earth. However, not all security solutions are created equally, which is why it’s important to look for specific features. Here are three elements that must form part of your security solution:

• Protection from every threat.

• Easy to deploy and manage.

• An ‘all-in-one’ solution.

Your chosen security suite must include the most essential security products and services for a single price point, mitigating some of the guesswork when comparing it to other options. When looking at protection, it must include next-generation firewalls that provide enterprise-grade network security, various integration and communication capabilities, coupled with easy deployment and management.

It should also offer complete protection for productivity applications such as Microsoft 365 and all other collaboration and file-sharing tools. An endpoint solution should also form part of your arsenal, offering comprehensive protection, securing organisations and the remote workforce from today’s complex threat landscape.

The solution

Check Point Software’s SMB security ticks all the above boxes and offers the following essential features to SMBS in one robust suite:

• At the heart of the suite is Check Point Quantum Spark, a lineup of next-generation firewalls for SMBs. Quantum Spark powers the SMB Security Suite, featuring best-in-class threat protection, is easy to deploy and manage, and integrates communication and security into an all-in-on security gateway.

• Check Point Harmony Email & Office, which offers complete protection for cloud email and collaboration applications. It provides protection against malicious activities like phishing, malware, data loss and account takeovers.

• Check Point Harmony Endpoint & Harmony Mobile that provide complete protection at the highest security level, avoiding security breaches and data compromise for all endpoints and mobile devices.

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