Olarm launches the Olarm PRO 4G communicator

Issue 3 2022 Perimeter Security, Alarms & Intruder Detection

At Securex 2022, Olarm announced the release of a new 4G/LTE version of its Olarm PRO smart communicator aimed at global and rural markets.

The Olarm PRO product range is a digital communicator and subscription-based mobile app enabling a user to control their existing security systems directly from a smartphone, thus circumventing the need for the normal alarm keypad.

A noteworthy feature of the Olarm story is the high level of consumer engagement. “That’s actually unusual in the world of security, where an alarm is often a grudge purchase that most consumers struggle to understand and may even fear; but we have created an app that is genuinely intuitive and responsive and gives all the benefits of remote control – as a mobile app should. Once people feel more in control of their alarm they relax, feel more confident, and that is what security is there for,” says Chris Hall, Olarm’s commercial director.

“On neighbourhood forums and other polls, Olarm is recommended as the first-choice alarm app. And, what our distribution partners tell us – installers and armed response providers – is that Olarm dramatically cuts their installation, technical support and fleet costs. They get a direct benefit to their bottom line as well as helping them look good to the customer.”

Olarm has extended its smart ecosystem to electric fences, with the launch of support for Nemtek energisers, enabling a powerful combination of remote monitoring, management and control, giving customers an optimised consolidated platform.

Designed for enhanced resilience during load-shedding, the new Olarm PRO supports the transmission of signals over both Wi-Fi and Mobile networks simultaneously to ensure signals are delivered to the control/monitoring station software systems efficiently. The new Olarm PRO 4G supports both 4G and 2G mobile networks and Wi-Fi.

“This delivers a highly resilient device that is both future proof and backwards compatible for maximum reliability, uptime and longevity in the field,” said Justin Zondagh, Olarm CTO. “Some areas struggle with poor mobile connectivity, especially with power or network outages. We largely alleviated this with the introduction of the Wi-Fi feature. Over 50% of devices are connected to Wi-Fi and the extra resilience fills in a lot of coverage gaps.”

With 3G set to be decommissioned from as early as 2022 and thereafter 2G mobile coverage around 2024 there is a disparity between countries moving ahead with 2G decommissioning and others still not having rolled out 4G. “For our global market, we need our devices to support multiple connectivity technologies, both old and new,” says Zondagh.

The Olarm PRO 4G will be available end of June 2022.


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