Securex 2022 exhibitors serve up the best in security

Issue 2 2022 Editor's Choice

Exhibitors at the upcoming Securex South Africa 2022 trade show will be demonstrating the best in security-related products and services to the market, from fleet and key management, to integrated workspace management, non-lethal protection solutions and more.

Securex South Africa 2022 will take place from 31 May to 02 June 2022 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, and will be co-located with A-OSH Expo, Facilities Management Expo and for the first time, the new Firexpo 2022. Access to the four trade shows is free-of-charge for visitors.

Exhibitor highlights for visitors to see and experience will include the following.

Kenai’s cloud-based workplace management systems

South African start-up Kenai (stand F46) is showcasing how its cutting-edge technology can be used to replace outdated and frustrating processes with new streamlined solutions that enable real-time control, visibility and reporting into the flow of people and assets throughout a physical workspace.

Kenai’s cloud-based solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of clients, whether for a single office or an entire corporate campus, using facial recognition to remove the stress from booking visitors’ parking, induction and COVID-19 screening with pre-registration. Furthermore, Kenai’s solutions can facilitate all internal and external compliance requirements and help provide a safe, secure workplace by providing real-time oversight of people and assets through logs, inductions and critical alerts.

Visit Kenai to book a free demo and to scan the unique Access Pass QR code in order to enter a competition to win some incredible prizes, including a brand-new iPad.

A stunning experience with EPS STUNTECH

Eagle Projects and Solutions (stand C01) is relaunching the range of STUNTECH security equipment in South Africa, incorporating newer technology and more effective security, including a non-lethal high-voltage shock as deterrent.

Products to be showcased at Securex will include Shock Shields, Shock Briefcases, the Shock Caddy and Stroller cases, Shock trolley and Prisoner Anti-Scape Stunbelts.

The organisation will also be introducing its new audit feature addition at the show, which enables officials to monitor and control the use of the STUNTECH Shields and Prisoner Stunbelts in sensitive environments.

Says EPS director, Tienie Labuschagne: “Securex South Africa, with its reputable long-term local and international footprint, continues to draw thousands of visitors from all sectors, and we believe it will be a great platform for the relaunch of the newly branded EPS STUNTECH security innovations.”

Impenetrable security fog from Bandit

Bandit (stand A13) will be holding live demonstrations of Fog Bandit, its answer to burglary protection. Fog Bandit is a safety device that essentially thwarts the plans of burglars by generating and releasing a large fog curtain. A fast, powerful and effective solution, Fog Bandit is able to protect assets without causing damage to property or people.

The reliable, safe system is activated by one press of the panic button or through the alarm system, after which the would-be thief is enveloped in a thick cloud of fog within seconds, reducing visibility to less than 30 centimetres. Its built-in battery means that Fog Bandit is effective even during load shedding, and the fog emitted is not harmful to health and dissolves after half an hour, leaving no traces.

LJI International looks at smart key management

LJI International is ready to talk to Securex visitors about the benefits of key management systems, and what implementing proper key management brings to the table for a business.

“Do you find security personnel are held up at shift change waiting for key handovers? Can your staff not access areas due to clumsy key handling practices? These challenges will be a thing of the past with an automated key management system. Not to mention, they allow you to also take control of your fleet, too. Everything from truck assignments to ensuring mileage/maintenance logs to stay up to date, can be handled through a key system,” explains Lial Snell, of LJI International.

“Think of a key management system as a cost-effective way to keep your access control on point. You track, secure and intentionally distribute keys. Key management systems also securely store keys when not distributed and can help you build an accurate picture of who uses what in your organisation, allowing you to streamline processes.”

Visit LJI International on stand F40, for more information on the company’s range of smart electronic key cabinets, key locker systems and smartkey offerings.

Free visitor registration for Securex 2022 is available at


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