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Compliance is a vital area of focus for companies and one of the key strategic pillars. It can affect your licence to operate and prevent costly incidents, but what is most important, is that guaranteeing regulatory compliance though a digital solution, speaks to the integrity, reliability and ethics of the business.

The digitising of management compliance takes the risk of non-compliance out of the equation and changes the risk profile of the business, making is easy for companies and personnel to securely capture, store, manage and distribute document compliance information online and in real-time.

HSEC Online, developed by Saryx Engineering Group, is a cloud-based solution that is accessible on any device, from anywhere. This transparent, collaborative workflow platform takes the complexity out of compliance management and helps companies to confidently achieve regulatory compliance by demonstrating to all stakeholders that the specific standards have been met. HSEC Online is now being implemented in both local and international markets, and particularly in difficult and dangerous working environments, such as mining where real-time, accurate monitoring is essential.

Says Ingrid Osborne, an electronics engineer and one of the company’s two founders, “Although we initially built the solution for internal use, we quickly realised it had commercial viability and could provide significant help to many companies. A mature system such as HSEC Online can easily assist businesses to unravel the complexities of regulatory compliance and put a solid framework in place.”

Co-founder Julie Mathieson, a computer scientist, adds that the phrase ‘regulatory compliance’ is often accompanied with images of stacked lever arch files, waiting in long queues, heaps of paperwork and a never-ending list of compliance requirements. Then there is the continuous monitoring of these items throughout the lifespan of the contract, for the company, each employee, and every piece of equipment. This can be impossible to do, costly, time consuming, and the outcome is not guaranteed – mistakes can be made and details overlooked.

Osborne points out that an automated solution can assist in significantly reducing the number of potential work hours lost in a scenario where an injury occurs. Depending on the industry sector, she adds that a company may find itself shut down while a thorough investigation is performed.

“Such an investigation can take two to four weeks, while the authorities check company records to ensure compliance with all safety regulations, and that all the correct systems were in place. Mining is a dangerous business and as such, under the Mine Safety Inspection Act 1994, the act enforces general duty of care provisions to maintain safe and healthy conditions at mining operations to protect people at work from the dangers. When a mine engages contractors to perform work, effective contractor procurement and management are essential to ensure the duties of the contractor are met. Likewise, contractors also have a duty, as workers under the Mine Safety Inspection Act 1994, to take reasonable care for their own health and safety and to take reasonable care that their behaviour does not affect the health and safety of others. To manage this process and to ensure that all parties – the employer and the contractor – are playing their part, contractor management is essential and HSEC Online is the solution.”

Mathieson says that HSEC Online is flexible enough to help any company or contractor manage and control everything from legal issues to personal protective equipment management, not to mention audits, risk management and of course, all the required documentation around emergency procedures and organisational safety policies, in a safe and secure manner.

“The future of health and safety compliance is now. We have focused on making HSEC compliance as simple and intuitive as possible. By making it user-friendly, people are less likely to be afraid of it, which makes an automated option the ideal solution to solve health and safety compliance challenges,” she concludes.

Visit HSEC Online powered by Saryx Engineering Group at A-OSH from 31 May – 2 June 2022.

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