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Issue 2 2022 Education (Industry)

For the past two years various developments in the evolution of technology came into play, all that was known to us has become the old and now one can only look forward to the best in this new age. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 a lot has been said and much has changed with regards to technology innovations and how we prefer to use such. With multitudes of people to keep safe, which becomes increasingly challenging every year for various industries, touchless verification and recognition systems have come to play a huge role in ensuring safety of all.

Unlike traditional facial recognition devices in the market today, where face alignment poses as a problem, ZKTeco has created a range of visible light facial recognition products combined with various biometric identification modes. The computer vision visible light facial recognition products use deep learning algorithms to provide true cognition of faces, which enables larger pose angles.

Today various industries in South Africa can now make use of this new technology. Based on the tragedies that have occurred in the world and within South Africa ZKTeco’s computer vision visible light facial recognition technology could not have come at a better time. The technology can be paired with various access control, time and attendance, surveillance devices etc. and can be used to not only monitor students, staff and visitors, but ensure that once individuals are recognised and verified, they have entry to various places on school or university premises, thus safety of these individuals is maximised. To make it even more secure, it is now possible to implement facial recognition in combination with surveillance products and tie it to the police database or an internal list of people who should not have access to the property.

Visible light facial recognition technology gives one an endless platform to create a full security system without people, especially intruders, having knowledge of them being monitored. Such technology combined with mask, palm and body temperature detection will ensure that you protect everyone during these uncertain times.

ZKTeco presents its touchless biometric solution (for access control), that can identify users' body temperature. The solution has four highlighted features of facial recognition, mask detection, computer vision 3-in-1 palm verification and body temperature detection for access point security. The system can detect and grant access to students and stuff even if they have their masks on.

With such a system, schools, varsities and various industries can ensure that their safety is improved and premises are kept in hygienic conditions. Today’s touchless verification and recognition technology provides a means in which you can walk towards a door or gate and it will automatically open if it recognises you without you having to touch anything. No need for RFID cards or fingerprints. Designed in various structures and sizes the touchless technology products are very flexible and can be customised to fit any solution.

For more information contact ZKTeco (SA), +27 12 259 1047, [email protected],


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