Tech becomes competitive advantage for schools

Issue 2 2022 Education (Industry)

Technology is constantly evolving and students expect more from their educational experiences. Investing in digital technology gives schools a competitive advantage and appeals to the younger generation, especially now that distance and blended learning have become the norm. Parents also have more options for their children's education than ever before.

The education landscape has changed fundamentally over the past year. Most schools were forced to introduce remote learning and adopt new technologies. The learning environment is very different than before, educators and students now meet in person, remotely and in blended environments.

Schools are relying on technology in unprecedented ways, it can empower educators and unlock new opportunities for everyone. Now more than ever do pupils deserve equitable access to technology.

Many schools are providing options for blended learning. This means they have a bigger responsibility to keep all devices functioning properly and to keep online environments secure. For this reason, many schools around the world are turning to cloud-based solutions.

Argantic CEO, Garry Ackerman, says it's not about giving each student a laptop, it's about giving each child an opportunity for a great education. "Not only will technology investments attract and retain students, but it will give schools a competitive advantage.

"Choosing the right school for your child is already a challenge for most parents. Now they also need to ensure the school is tech enabled. The right school will have the right technology that will help parents simplify tasks and reduce their frustrations and more importantly, unnecessary expenses," he explains.

With the right set of tools, learning can happen from anywhere, anytime. Technology can streamline school operations so that educators can focus on educating by engaging with their students. Technology helps manage school processes, track students, communicate with stakeholders in real-time, analyse dashboard reports and derive actionable insights.

Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, assignments and apps together in one place, letting teachers create vibrant learning environments. Build collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities and connect with colleagues – all from a single experience.

Schools need tools that enable them to deploy devices faster and minimise downtime so teachers and students can be productive. With cloud-based management, devices are always up to date. They update silently, automatically and outside of class time, while helping to ensure the latest in security and reliability.

Ackerman says moving to cloud-based management with Microsoft provides a secure foundation that allows your school to grow and scale toward the future. "Web-based tools enhance device management and enable future upgrades and security and performance improvements."

Microsoft Intune enables schools to deliver the right apps and policies securely to every student and teacher device. Best of all, the time saved can be used to help teachers make the most of the school’s investments in learning technology. Microsoft’s cloud management solution includes the deployment of Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Intune for Education and School Data Sync.

"With applications and resources built for education, the process of moving a school to cloud management can be simple. Windows, Intune for Education and Microsoft 365 are designed to work together for a cohesive, comprehensive cloud-based experience," he concludes.

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